Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Peborits!

Here are sites that I often go to when I'm bored. (FYI : I'm always bored.) 

1. I am a frustrated musician. I have always wanted to play a musical instrument -- any musical instrument! Unfortunately, my family's not musically-inclined. No one, as in no one in our family knows how to play any instrument. The only instrument I play is my organ. BWAHAHAHAHA! (Take note: PLAY - present tense. LOL!)

So when I am bored and I want to feel like a rockstar, I go to this site --

You can play the drums using the keys on the keyboard. I always like pressing the letters V and N. I like how these two keys sound together. Try it! :)

2. Next on my list is Basing on the ample pictures of me, myself and I in this blog, you may have already formulated that I am a camwhore. Hahaha. I go to this site when I want to take pictures of myself using the webcam. 

You can take normal or distorted pictures of yourself. See above example. (The normal picture is of course the one on the right. The one with the eyeglasses is the distorted version. LOL.)

3. When it's raining and I want to keep myself warm, I read erotic stories at Yes, of course, I just read and do nothing else. Promise! *insert lightning sounds*

I like going to sites that has an R-18 disclaimer. It usually means that I am up for a spiritually touching and morally uplifting read. LOL.

4. When I want to read eroticas in Tagalog, Xerex Xaviera-style (LOL!), I go to Pangalan pa lang, kahina-hinala na! Hahahaha!

Logo pa lang, alam mo nang may moral lesson kang matututunan! =)

5. Of course, I'm saving the best for lust last. This is where I go to if I want to learn more about life, love, sex and everything in-between. You have never lived a full life not until you've read this blog. The writer's amazing, not in the literary I-write-so-well-like-Shakespeare-and-Ricky-Lo-combined kind of way (hahahaha), but mostly because she writes from the heart. She tries to keep everything animated, but real. You may or may not like her but you will always come back and read her shit because no matter how much you deny it, this lady blogger grows on you. 

Parang cover lang ng Abante noh? Hahahaha!

NOTE: To my kiddie readers (yes, im referring to the three of you), if you are below 18, please don't go to #3 and #4. Okay, big-sister mode is now off. 

Unpurely yours,



neckromancer said...

Yes to # 3 and 4, though I outgrew these when I put up my blog. Well, I was a member of #4's Friendster group, but that was it. :)

Am going to try your other faves.

P.S. Where do these CAPTCHAs get their words? I'm being prompted to type "pautchri." It sounds like a dirty word.

-=K=- said...

Neckro - really, may friendster account pa sila? hahaha! Classic yun ah :)

Pautchri - tunog pachuchay. Onga, sounds bastos. LOL!

kikilabotz said...

bwahahahahahaha. ampupu..khit english to natawa ako. hmmm hnd ako pupunta sa number 3 and number 4..minor pa ako eh. hahahaha..

thumbs up talaga ako sa post n ito.. ^_^

-=K=- said...

Hi Marvs - ako ren natatawa sa kalokohan ko e. Minor ka pa?! WTFWRUDTONAME! Hahahaha! :p

Salamat sa pagiistalk. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sigurado ka bang maganda yung site na binanggit mo sa Number 5?

Duda ako eh. Hehehe.

-=K=- said...

Bwahahahaha! What I lack in substance, I more than make up for in my 2pc pictures. LOL! In other words, walang kwenta talaga. Hahaha! Di bale, at least may star naman akong dalawa! :) Ikaw ba meron? Bleh! :p

Ay may update pala dun sa mission impossible natin. Wait, email kita.

Anonymous said...

He was rigid with desire. He kissed my lips and begged me, in a throaty whisper, to take my shorts off as he stroked me there. His stubble scratched at my face.

"Please, sweetheart, gigil na gigl na ako sa iyo. Matagal na."

The drug worked its way through the neurons and synapses in my brain. He wavered in and out of my consciousness, a mirage.

Dimly, in my mind, i knew it was a losing battle, with an inevitable end to the evening, as my resolve dissipated.

Insistently, he tugged at my shorts and pulled them free.

Finally, my manhood lay exposed, helpless before his insatiable hunger...

Namputsa, teka, practice lang to ha? Submit ko sa

Criticisms are most welcome, the harsher, the better.

I'm Easy

-=K=- said...

M-to-M ba ito? Hahahaha! Stubbles are sexy! I love stubbles! I love throaty whispers! I love gigils!

Ito version ko naman:

I woke up feeling a bit weird. As if there's something deep inside me that's been stirred. No, not the loins, but something deeper.

I suddenly thought about him. I want him. I need him. I crave for him.

I looked around but he wasn't there. Slowly, as if in a daze, I turned on my PC. Logged in to Skype.

Hallelujah! LOL.

I love Skype.

Kthanksbye! :D

Leo said...

grabe ka khai! hahahaha. i so love this post. galing galing. pati sa mga comment, ang lupet! :) na-try mo na ba ang go ka na jan. magsawa ka. choz.

-=K=- said...

LEO - HolySchmolyTuttifrutti! Hehehe! Grabe! I went to! Isa lang ang masasabe ko "Titillating-ly jaw-dropping!"

Bwahahahaha! Kanina pako tawa ng tawa. Hay buhay. Somebody stop meeeee!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Khaye.

I know you know that I think you know that you think I think I know you know that I was just kidding.

Why else would I anticipate every newest droplets from your unpure thoughts?

Yeah, like vodka mixed with Gatorade Blue shaken in ice only to be dropped with a hint of Grenadine in the end. (cherry is optional)

Jepoy said...

Guess who's here. Ang yummy ng header hihihi

Anonymous said... is not updated anymore; ka na lang! :D

-=K=- said...

Jepoy - Hey hey hey! :) Idol!!!!

Anonymous - thanks for the tip! :D

moreinz said...

khai peborit mo tlga ung r18?! hmm sabi ko na eh...

Anonymous said...

pserotica? May entry ako dun. :)

memoirsofafallenangel said...

hmmm.. ma-try nga mga websites na yan. hahaha! =))

dwizzt said...

thanks for those websites -K-. nabookmark ko na lahat.. hahahahahaha