Friday, May 27, 2011


It has been raining like mad the past few days. I feel sad everytime it rains. Especially when it's cold and I don't have a warm body to cuddle with. Hahaha! What makes it worse is that there have been power outages lately. As in 3 days out of the 7days last week, nawalan ng kuryente! UGH!

I don't like buying and keeping stock of candles so you can just imagine how dark my house was during the outage. It's during times like this when I wish I had this --

 Their tag line - "DON'T GO DOWN WITHOUT IT!". Hahahah! WINNER!

Not for anything, but of course, just so I can have a little bit of light during the brown-out. Kayo talaga o. Tsk.

I'm on leave for a couple of days starting today! Yey! Have a great weekend everyone!

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...


ang kulit, may ilaw pa. said...

oi anu na ga usapan natin?

Anonymous said...

pwede ko to gamitin while suturing a wound..or haha.

have a nice day po.


glentot said...

Putangina! Ngayon lang ako nakakita nyan! Oo nga naman! Kabilin-bilinan sa akin, huwag daw akong kakain sa dilim! LOLOLOLOL ang naughty mo K! Lavet!

SpiderHam said...

wow! that was nice! and its glowing down there!
parang runway ng airport sa gabi, alam ng piloto kung saan lalanding.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the rain evokes old feelings and memories. Like holding someone during the times when you were in love with one another, the two of you warm in the dark, lost among the bedclothes permeated with her very pheromones. One is grateful, even if those times are gone, that once you welcomed the rain, because it had a meaning, hidden and private, that only the two of you shared together. :-)