Sunday, October 23, 2011

So this is how a "Barker" feels like....

What is a "Barker"?

Here's what Wikipedia has to say ---
barker is a person who attempts to attract patrons to entertainment events, such as a circus or funfair, by exhorting passing public,[1] describing attractions of show and emphasizing variety, novelty, beauty, or some other feature believed to incite listeners to attend entertainment.
The pinoy-version of a "Barker" is one who stations himself near where the public utility vehicles are (ie jeepneys and buses) and calls the attention of passengers. Yung mga tipong sisigaw ng "Kyaaaaaaaaaaappppooooooooooooo" or "Kuuubbbbaaaawwww" or "Onting usog dyan, sampu-an yan!" Ganyan. Hehe.

So what does that have to do with me? Pinasok ko na rin ba ang pagbabarker? HAHAHAHAHA! Well, not really.... but I now understand how a barker feels like after a longggggggg day of shouting and yelling and vocal chords-stretching. Haha.

Read on.

I hosted a party at the Fort earlier this afternoon.  The party was at 3pm but I was there an hour early because I need to prepare all the stuff that I need to use.

 It was a Hello Kitty-themed party but I didn't have anything pink in my closet and I cannot grow whiskers overnight (LOL) so I opted to wear something lace-y and girly.

Everything was alright except for the sound system.  The music was sucky and the microphone was not functioning!!!!!!!!! One of my pet-peeves as a host is when I am not given a good sound system.  It's easier to get your message across when you're clearly heard by the crowd, especially when majority of the crowd's composed of 6-years-old kids with short attention spans. Hahahahaha!

But of course the show must go on. There are people who were 'born with a silver spoon', and there are those who were 'born with a built-in microphone'.  Fortunately (or unfortunately? haha), I belong to the latter.

Parang lahat ng litid ko lumabas this afternoon! Hahahahaha! I had to keep my voice loud and clear and fun to get everyone's attention. Kalowka. But it was still an awesome party despite the slight technical booboos! The kids and adults alike had so much fun especially when I asked them to play musical chairs! Hahaha.

But seriously, it was a bit stressful to shout for a couple of hours straight.  Now I totally get how barkers feel like after a long day of work... Or wives who scream endlessly at their philandering husbands.... Or football fans who cheer and yell for their team during Super Bowl... Or bosses who scream because they've been given the wrong report... LOL! Nakakapagod sumigaw, pramis. Hehe.

I'm wishing you all a very serene, yell-free Sunday! :) Hehehe!

The Unpure One na Masakit ang Lalamunan,


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walang Labada si Inday

I've been praying for a quiet and relaxing weekend for quite sometime now but rest has become very elusive. School, work and back to back hosting rakets have eaten so much of my weekends. But today, God has finally given me a free dayyyyyy!!!!!! Yeheyyyyyyyyy! One whole day where I can just stay home, wear my ratty pambahay and just stay in bed.

I started my day early because I'm so excited to do nothing for one whole day! Hahahahaha! I had dumplings, lumpia and rice for breakfast. IN BED! While alternately watching recent episodes of Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Modern Family and BBC docus. 

A friend called me earlier today asking if I want to go out but I declined because free days like this are so hard to come by so I have to make it worth while. Hehehehhehehe! I. WILL. JUST. STAY. IN. BED. THE. WHOLE. DAY. Ang saya sabihin paulit ulit. Hahahahahaha!

I bought a whole roll of cake, lots of chips and cookies and I'm planning to finish them all IN BED. Hehehe! Ang sarap ulit-ulitin pramis. :) While most of my friends long for a weekend at the beach, or out in the malls, ako satisfied nako to be given one whole day to just stay in and do whatever! Life's simple pleasures. =)

I have a birthday party to host tomorrow at the Fort so i'll make the most out of my free day today! Yeyyyy!

I hope you guys get a dose of relaxation as well! Mwah! Have to cut this short because MY BED IS WAITING FOR ME! Yehey! Hahahahahaha.

The Unpure Happy Girl,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sunday's Best

One of my best childhood memories is going to church every Sunday.  My mom would wake us up early so we can hear mass before lunch.  I am not a religious person but I've come to love our Sunday ritual because it involved sharing precious time with my siblings and my parents.  I can still remember those times after mass when I would pester my dad to buy me those colored chicks that were being sold outside the church, hahaha.  My usual Sunday requests were either that or one big balloon! Those were the highlight of my Sundays!  

When I got a little older, my requests have evolved from chicks to fishes! I would always ask my dad to buy those little colorful ones or those fishes that had big eyes.  I always look forward to Sundays because after hearing mass and fish-hunting, we'd always end it with a hearty lunch in the mall.  We'd share stories and laughter over food.  Ultimate bonding at its best!

When I was already in my teens and no longer cared for colorful chicks or big-eyed fishes, I still loved going to  church with them because I've developed a deeper appreciation of what the whole ritual is and everything that it represents. 

Many years later.. my siblings got married and had families of their own and me? .. well, I've started living a life of my own, too! Hehehe.  Since then, our Sunday rituals have become few and far between.  We still try our best to get in the swing of things but it's not the same as before.  We don't live under the same roof anymore so it's hard to get everyone together.  

 L O V E 

It's been awhile since we've all gotten together na walang absent. Hehe. (Ako usually ang absent.)  I still spend time with each one of them but I just miss those times when we'd bond together as a complete family.  I miss our Sunday rituals.  I miss them.  I miss being with them.

What were your days like when you were little?  Share! 

The Unpure One,


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Demonyo Ka!

Can't think of a good title. Sorry, hehe.

I've had a very busy week at work. I was counting the days till the weekend because I cannot wait to jump in bed to just sleep and vegetate! But of course, my weekend didn't go as planned because I had a hosting raket last night. Hehe.

I was really tired and sluggish because I barely had enough sleep this week. Thankfully, my friend drove me all the way to Ayala Alabang. I was able to take a nap on the way to the party.

The party was set at 6pm but I was there by 4:30 to help set the place up.

I placed little skulls and skeletons in the garden for my Treasure Hunt game! Had to do it before the guests arrive of course. Sneaky! :)

The windows were covered in black poster paper and most of the bulbs inside the house were changed to red and orange. I changed into my halloween costume and by 6pm, everything was all set.

Red devil's horn + skulls and chain + gold studded booties = Halloween garb

It was such a fun event because the kids and adults alike came in costume! Kakaaliwwww!

Merong Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Angry Birds, Spiderman, Batman, Krueger, Cleopatra, Hulk, Cow at kung ano ano pa!  My client's peg last night was 'Katy Perry'... sssoooo cute!

I taught basic dance steps to the kids and when they were already familiar with the steps, I asked the parents to watch us perform. Tuwang-tuwa naman sila. Hehehe. Feeling ko dancer ako nung past life ko, hahaha. (ambisyosa)

The kids got hungry after the dance so we paused for a short break. Afterwards, we started playing Halloween party games!

It was a very fun Halloween party!

It was such a long night that I fell asleep as soon as I got home! Whew!

At least I still have the rest of Sunday to sleep and relax! Yehey!

How'd your weekend go?

The Unpure One,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ayan Kase

Our office sends out email alerts everytime there is a storm that's coming to the country.  I was well aware that a storm was coming yesterday so when I received a call from a client asking me to host a Luau Party, I begged off. Aside from that, I wasn't really feeling well. But they were very persistent so I ended up saying yes. Waaaaah!

I was at The Fort yesterday despite the storm.  It was a good thing that the party was held at the 28th floor so I had no reason to get paranoid about getting flooded.

Grass skirts and garlands were given at the entrance. And because it was a Luau party, it was mandatory that I teach the girls how to do the hula. (I sucked by the way, hahahaha!)

But I really did an awesome job in teaching them how to do the Hawaiian dance. 

And I taught them how to do arts and crafts as well. It was super fun!

When I got home, may lagnat na ko. Maybe because I was tired and I got rained on a little. Hayyyyyy!!!!

Next Up: Someone got me to organize a Bridal Shower. Kaaliw. Almost everything's set na except for the strippers! LOL. May kilala kayo? Hahahaha.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 

The Unpure One,