Saturday, November 6, 2010


I had a very busy yet productive week at work. It's a nice way to start the month as I'm within quota. Yehey!

Today, I went to school at 7:30am. 1st day of the 2nd semester. Most professors don't go to class on the first day but I was lucky enough that all my teachers were present earlier. At least ndi sayang yung pagpunta ko! Hehehe.

After school, I rushed off to Makati to host a birthday-slash-slumber party. The kids were all game so it was a very fun afternoon. The party ended around 7pm. I was sooo tired, my legs were a bit sore from standing up the whole afternoon, my head hurts and the only thing I was looking forward to was to go home and sleep and cuddle. But of course, I dont feel like complaining at all because I feel blessed that I have work, school and occasional rakets like this to keep me busy. 

You know what would really complete my day? Jacuzzi + massage.


Oh well. Im super spent to do anything! I just wana relax, sleep and cuddle!!!!!!
Good night everyone! Hope all of you had a very productive week too!

The Unpure One,



Jag said...

Parang pumayat ka friend? Nagpapaseksi? lol. Ingat!

Nimmy said...

naks! work life balance! astig!

-=K=- said...

Jag - yes friend, nagdadiet ako tsaka nagsasayaw ng Slendance kaya pumayat ako. Hehe!

Nimmy - opkors, idol kita e :)

khantotantra said...

huwaw. Pampering mode. Sarap magbabad sa jacuzzi.

manik_reigun said...

ok, nainggit ako. things i badly need now: jacuzzi+massage+sleep!hehe