Saturday, April 3, 2010

I want to be a Lady Whale in my next life!

You'll never know the word "LONG" existed until you see this! I was so charged up when I saw this picture. I mean, W-o-W! Breathless! I'm awed! Enamored! Hahahaha! This baby will bloody put Peter North or any other male porn star out of business... for good! LOL!

This gigantic mass of meat belongs to none other than... (drumrolls please)... than.... (hold your breath)... a KILLER WHALE! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, sorry to disappoint you, it is not Brad Pitt's or Edward Cullen's! Ha!  The longest recorded size of a whale's penis measured about 8 feet or 2-3 meters! W-o-W! And Ouch! Hahaha!

Yes, it is THAT long that when it is not erect, it folds in an "S"-shaped position inside their abdomen! W-o-W! And yeah by the way, the size mentioned above is the size of the penis when it is not yet ERECT! Holyfreakinmotherofabroomstick! LOL!

If reincarnation really exists, I think I want to be a lady killer whale in my next life. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge! Hahaha! Hmmmm... but on second thought, nah, I think I just want to beg off. After all, lady whales remain pregnant for 19-friggin' months! WTF! Thank goodness human beings only get to do that in 9.

Nice trivia on a Black Saturday, right? :)

The Unpure Trivia Lover,




Leo said...

oh my! that's one sure huge manhood. :)

Anonymous said...

mahilig ka pala sa ginormous :D

Daniel Phillips said...

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Micamics said...

wOw! 8 ft!

-=K=- said...

Leo and Mica - yeah! It's super bigggg! Monsterific! LOL!

Mango - yeah, it's ginormous. Just the way I like it =D

Daniel - thanks for visiting my blog. :)

GreenLava said...

Now that's a whale of a ****!

-=K=- said...

LOL @ GreenLava..

Off topic, but how do I minimize the height of my banner pic? :)

Carlos said...

LOL this is great trivia... not to great of Guys! LOL... I have another trivia for you. Do you know what the penis of whale is called? Its actually called a DORK. I love trivia too. LOL

-=K=- said...

Yeah, I read nga somewhere that it's called a Dork. Hehe, funny :) What do you name yours? LMAO! That's super uncalled for. Sorry. =p