Monday, April 12, 2010

Lube The Tube!

I woke up at 3am today and was busy cramming for my take-home final exams in Cost Accounting when I suddenly got bored and felt like I need to take a break.  After all, you will agree with me that debit-credit and doing journal/ledger entries are way tooooo boring, right?

I was blog-hopping in the early morn and stumbled upon this really funny blog

Now who's guy in his right frame of mind would use this latex lovelies to yank his yoyo?!?! FTW! This picture had me forming several questions in mind:

1. Is this re-usable? Or is this for one-time use only (like condoms)?
2. Is this for right-hand or left-hand use?  Cuz I know of guys who are ambidextrous when it comes to humping their hoses.. Hahaha!
3. Is this free size?

Okay, enough of this crap. Now back to my debit-credit shit. =D

The Unpure Crammer,



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May said...

ang galing mo're so funny!