Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I ran alot of errands and paid aLOT of BILLS today! Yes, with growing up comes the ever-growing bills! And they never stop from growinggggggg! Ha!Ha!

I started my day early and went to City Hall to pay my Real Property tax. Sounds so mature, right? LOL. Good thing I was number 1071 so I really didn't have to wait long for my turn.

After City Hall, I went to the bank to pay my monthly amortization for my 30-sq. meters of heaven. And then I paid for my insurance and my electricity bill too! Whew! WTF ever happened to Meralco?! My bill doubled since this March! I hate SUMMER errrr or should I say I hate Meralco!?

I feel like such a responsible adult today. No matter how tired I was feeling, no matter how hot the sun was shining this morning,  I felt good and fuzzy inside.

I loved playing house when I was little, but it's more fulfilling to play house now that I have my own 'house' (well it's not really a house, y'know! It's more like a unit or flat or whatever shit you call this 30-sq. meters of awesomeness).  And because I paid alot of bills today, I promised myself not to go out this weekend so I can save whatever little money I have left. I don't shit money after all, you know! Hahaha!

Who wants to play house with me this weekend?

The Unpure Single Nester,


P.S.: I saw these ballot boxes on my way out of City Hall and I felt like I just need to remind you guys to VOTE WISELY!


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