Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work Tales

I was training some of our employees earlier today and to check for comprehension, I was calling random people for recitation.

Anyway, there was this person sitting at the back of the class who seemed quiet all throughout the training. I wanted to make sure that the person understood everything that I have discussed so I called the person’s attention.

Khaye :       “Sir…”
Employee - Me?
Khaye :      Yes you. So what can you say about… yada-yada-yada…

When the class was over, someone approached me and told me in between fits of laughter what I had just done.

It turned out, si Sir pala ay isang Ma’am.

Sorry naman at ndi ko alam. =(

Kaso muka kase talaga syang lalake.

Nakakahiya ako.

Gusto ko lamunen sa harapan ng klase.


The Confused One,



Monday, August 29, 2011


The elevator at RONAC Art Center looks like a Sauna Room! Kyooot! :)

I received a very good news last Friday. And then today, I heard another good news. God loves me a lot lately! Heheheh! :)

Have a great start of the weeeeekkkkk! Let's face this week with po-si-ti-vi-ty!!!!!!!

I hope may good news din na dumating sa inyo! Mwah!

The Unpure One,


Friday, August 26, 2011


My long weekend starts today. Yehey! My boss lent me two of her paperback novels so I’m thinking of spending my entire weekend at home just curled up in bed in my ratty pambahay and all – reading and eating and napping and thinking of crazy things to do in-between. But a part of me also wants to go out and do something fun. There’s this interesting restaurant that I’ve always wanted to try but never really had the chance to do so.  This weekend might be the best time to go.  

Bahala na.

On a different note, I get bothered when I watch Dengue infomercials on TV.  The number of Dengue cases is rising at a very alarming rate. Putting insect-repellant lotion used to be a part of my bedtime ritual but I stopped using it eventually mainly because I find the texture of the lotion too thick and too sticky for my liking.  But because I’m paranoid, I’m back to using it everyday.  I was in the grocery the other day and I noticed that apart from insect-repellant lotions and patches, they now have it in bracelet form! How ingenious! I love it! I wanted to get one for myself but the bracelets are for kids.  Pang-bata yung mga designs and I would look silly if I ever decide to wear one.  Do you know where I can buy wristbands or bracelets for adults? Help?

Have a fun, safe and lamok-free weekend everyone!!!!! =)

The Unpure One,



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does your job suck?!

If you feel like you're stuck in a dead-end job with a boss who can pass as The Devil's twin brother, think again.  There are jobs out there that are far worse than yours.


So what is a Fluffer? [This was taken from wikipedia.]

A fluffer is a hired member of the crew of a pornographic movie whose role on the set is to sexually arouse the male participants prior to the filming of scenes that require erections.

Commonly, fluffers keep adult film stars "cleaned up" in between takes so that the actors do not have to move from their positions. These duties, which do not necessarily involve touching the actors, are considered part of the makeup department. After setting up the desired angle, the director asks the actors to hold position and calls for the fluffer to "fluff" the actors for the shot.

In other words, fluffers are part of the porn production but they aren't the porn stars. They are the ones who help the male porn stars prepare for a scene.  "Dick on Demand" - yes that is the better term. Hahaha. Because seriously, a man can only have his organ up for a maximum amount of time right? What's the average for Filipinos - 30mins to an hour? (Im totally clueless. Havent been in close proximity to those things yet, LOL!)

The job of the fluffer is to maintain the male porn star's erection. They must be "skillful" enough to get it up a couple of minutes after an intense orgasm because you dont just shoot one porn scene in a day, right? Para silang human vacuum! Hahaha. I don't likeeeeee!

So how much do fluffers make? Well, rumor has it that they get 5% of what the male porn star gets. That's ridiculously small, right?

Thoughts running through my head as I type this :

1 - Like other jobs out there, do their salaries vary depending on their competencies as a fluffer?
2 - Who determines their core competencies? Do they also have a scorecard? A weekly review? Annual performance Review?
3 - Do the best fluffers ever get promoted? What's next to being a fluffer? Is there such a thing as a Senior Fluffer?

Considering how naturally "matikas" Pinoy men are, I wonder if they still need fluffers here in the Philippines. LOL. Again, I heard this just through the grape-vine. I am innocent (until proven guilty, hehe).

If there were no other jobs available out there, would you consider being a fluffer? =) I want to know.

The Innocent One,


Saturday, August 20, 2011


I love vegetables. There are days when I crave for nothing but veggies. My favorite vegetables are OKRA (because it is slimy when you pop it! It reminds me of something, haha!), AMPALAYA (because it is bitter and long and it has cute jagged ridges! Again, it reminds me of something, LOL!) and POTATOES. Speaking of potato, here's my favorite patatas joke of all time --

Two wives are buying vegetables in the palengke:
Wife 1: Mare, pag nakakakita ako ng potato, naiisip ko itlog ng mister ko!
Wife 2: Bakit? Ganyan ba kalaki?
Wife 1: Hindi! Ganyan siya kadumi!

I have a new addition to my list of favorite veggies - The CUCUMBER! Wait, is cucumber a vegetable? I don't feel like googling about it today but I'm almost (Operative word: ALMOST, lol)  sure that it is classified as a vegetable. Hehe.

Cool as Cucumber - P95

I went to this restaurant that serves the coolest Cucumber concoction! And the drink is aptly called - "Cool as Cucumber". It's a mixture of anything and everything nice. Hahahaha! (Wala akong kwenta magdescribe noh? LOL)

The name of the restaurant is CERCHIO. It's in Tomas Morato - right at the corner where Don Hen is located.

I honestly do not know how it is pronounced because I never bothered to ask any of the waiters. Hmmmm... Anyway, I am no designer but I like the interior of the place. There arent alot of visual distractions in the restaurant so you can focus on your food, your date or whoever it is that you're with, hehe! 

Minimalist Appeal

Here's what I ordered --

Pork Sisig - P230

Ang walang kamatayang Sisig. BOW. I liked how they plated the sisig. It was served in a bunch of three and each had a sunny-side-up quail egg on top! Hehehehe! I like my sisig crunchy and dry so I was a bit bummed out when I tasted mayonnaise in their sisig. It still tasted good but it would have tasted better sans the mayo.

Next up, KARE-KARE! Their Kare-kare more than made up for my not-so-heartening-sisig-experience.  There are only three ways I want to die

(1) I want to die peacefully in my sleep 
(2) death by erotic asphyxiation 
(3) I want to die by eating too much of this Kare-kare.

Yes, that's how much I loved their Kare-kare! Buwis-buhay ang lasa! Hahahaha! The peanut sauce was not too sweet and the pork and towels (tuwalya, haha!) were super tenderrrrr! 
Grilled Kare-kare - P450

There are still alot of other interesting food to try in their menu, unfortunately, my stomach can only hold so much wonderful gastronomic treats. But I will be back for sure. Again. And Again. Hehe.

And oh, last but not the least, they get 1,000 pogi points for having a big and clean restroom. =) 

If you guys want to try it out, here's their address :

#76 Scout Limbaga Street
T. Morato, Quezon City

Have a happy weekend!!!!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


xx I’ve been introduced to group buying sites just recently. Thanks to my thrifty and economical friends! Yes, I know, super late na ako hehehe! (But it’s better to be late than preggers right?) So anyway, I’ve been checking their daily deals and I’ve bought a couple of vouchers here and there. I’m excited to use them soon! I love sales and discounts!!! I get off when I see the SALE sign in malls. Bwahahahahah!

xx In one of my recent posts, I mentioned about things going smoothly at work diba? I have validated that I was really doing a good job because I received an incentive today for being so kick-ass this 2nd quarter. Hehehehehe.

xx the 15th and the 30th of each month are the bloodiest days in  my work calendar because I have to do Business Reviews. It’s a good thing that I’m already done with my report. Yehey!

This is a good day. Thank you Lord. =)

How’s everyone’s day going so far?

Kisses on the cheeks,




Sunday, August 14, 2011

On San Miguel and Self-Preservation...

I am grateful because I am surrounded by people who love me and want nothing but the best for me.  I like gaining friends and welcoming people in my life. But I realize that I need to do a bit of spring-cleaning too. There are people that I’d want to “un-friend” not because they are bad people but because they bring out something bad in me.  I go through cycles of guilt, anger, and depression everytime I’m with them. I feel like I’m doing a disservice to myself.
There are times when I want to shut them out completely but there also days when I don’t feel like I have enough will to follow through. But I know that I have to break the cycle before it gets the better of me. I have to do something about it and I have to do it soon. I’m sick and tired of the drama.

                             These were the thoughts that were running in my head two nights ago amidst the noise and the dizzying lights in a bar somewhere in Ortigas. I was feeling a bit off last Friday that’s why I decided to go out after work.  I wanted to be surrounded by happy and fun people. I love being alone but that night was not one of those nights. I wanted to just drown myself in blasting music in the hopes that the noise will clear my head and my heart.

It was good to be in a sea of people who do not know me because they do not know what I was going through. Sometimes it’s a welcome relief to be an anonymous face in the crowd. I smiled. I danced. I laughed. I faked it.

Thank God for San Miguel. It was my saving grace that night. I washed down the negativity that’s eating me alive.

Through the noise, I found peace.


Friday, August 12, 2011

I pulled a Cinderella last night....

I went out last night after work. You know how sometimes you want to unwind mid-week to rid yourself of stress? That was how I was feeling last night. Well, I am not really stressed at work. Thank God! But I just felt like I wanted to unwind on a week day.

So anyway, after dinner, I went to a bar somewhere in Quezon City. They were playing hits from the 70s and 80s. I feel so ancient! Hehehe!

I had a mild headache last night so I took an Advil and downed it with a frozen Margarita.

I was thinking of having another round of cocktails but I decided not to since I still have work the following morning. I am a responsible adult, of course. =)

So I ordered Cappuccino instead. Decaf. Hehehehe.

Ako lang ata ang umiinom ng kape kagabe sa bar na yun! Hahahaha! Lola na lola lang ang dating ko. Speaking of coffee, it tasted like cardboard! The coffee in our office vendo tastes wayyyyy better! And it's only P3 a cup! Beat that!

So I just sat there and did what I do best - and that is to people-watch and to eavesdrop on their conversation! HAHAHAHAHA! It's so relaxing.

A couple of my friends dropped by too and they noticed that I lost weight.

I told them that I went on a diet for a month because I have the worst muffin top! (I skip one meal a day and just compensate by eating crackers and soup.) Tinawanan nila ko. Tumigil na daw ako kaka-diet kase buto-buto nalang daw ako. *insert sad face here*

I was already home by 12MN because I am a responsible adult and I need to be at work early the following day (which is today, hehe).

And that is the story of the Single Girl in the Suburbs, hehehe.

It's weekend once again! Where are you planning to go? Sama ko! :)

The Responsible One,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend Tales: Bawai's Vietnamese Restaurant

My friend and I headed to Tagaytay two Saturdays ago to have lunch. It was a foggy and rainy trip because there was a typhoon that day.

Bad timing, I know. But we already planned it days before that's why we wanted to push through - rain or shine.

I looooove Vietnamese food! When I went to Vietnam last year (click here), I did nothing but eat eat and eat! Because seriously, there's nothing that you can do in Vietnam except that. Hahahahaha! Everything that I ate when I was there was delicious! Kahit sa restaurant, kahit sa kanto-kanto - lahat masarap! =)

So when my friend invited me to have Vietnamese lunch in Tagaytay, I said yes right away!


If you want to have lunch at Bawai's, you have to allot about 1 1/2 to 2 hours travel time if you're coming from Quezon City. The place is hard to find so make sure that you call them prior to your actual visit so you can get instructions from the owner.

Actually, you really need to call them beforehand because they don't accept walk-ins. You need to make reservations and place your order (from what I know, the place is open only on weekends).  The owner is very nice and accomodating so you can just ask them for their highly recommended dishes.

I didnt take too much pictures because I was too busy eating all the sumptuous treats before me.

We ordered the usual Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Shrimp Sticks, Pho and Pork. 

"Heart Attack waiting to happen"... hahaha! But 'twas worth it! :)

 Shrimp Sticks.. I forgot what they call it on the menu but this one's my favorite. I only remembered to take a picture of this when it was down to the last bite. Hahaha! 5pcs sya when you  order this.

Ubos na! Hahahahaha! Grabe, I ate so much that day my tummy didnt have enough room for dessert. Sayang! :)

It started to drizzle when we were about to have lunch. The sky's dark, the leaves were rustling and there was a violin instrumental playing in the background. Perfect! Kulang na lang kumot at unan, heaven na heaven na talaga! Hahahahahaha!

The weather that day was conducive for sleeping! Gusto ko na dapat matulog sa couch nila.

It's a nice place to bring your friends and family for a quiet and relaxed lunch or dinner.
The Unpure One,

Contact# 0920-9722924
Bawai's facebook page - click here


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

I librarian-ized my look today. Hehehehe.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! :)

The Unpure One,


Monday, August 8, 2011

Migraine Monday

I turned in early last night. I was already in Slumberville by 8PM. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday. I felt like a super massive headache’s about to strike so I slept early hoping that by going to bed early, it would somehow  stop whatever it is that’s happening in my head.

I woke up at 5am in a cold sweat and I felt nauseous.

I was contemplating on skipping work today so I can rest pero hindi talaga ako mahilig mag-absent. Feeling ko kasalanan yun, hehe.

I was able to haul my sexy, sickly self to work before 7AM and unfortunately my headache has intensified. =(  I had soup and crackers for breakfast because I’m not in the mood to eat something heavy.


I hope I can fast-forward the clock to 4PM so I can go home and rest. (8 hours to go!!!!)

I hope you’re all having a day far better than mine.

The Unpure One,



Saturday, August 6, 2011


I've always been very vocal about my love for wrestling. I used to watch it all the time. My torrent downloads will not be complete without episodes of RAW and Smackdown. And of course, it's a mortal sin to miss out on Wrestlemania.

I stopped watching them for about a year now because I think I'm already too old to watch WWE.

I can still remember how ecstatic I was when I watched Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho "fight" live in Araneta.

I would've wanted to join Khali's Kiss Cam but unfortunately they didn't have that yet when they came here. Hehe, sayang. LOL.

I miss watching WWE. Maybe I'll try to watch this week and see if my faves are still there.

Who's your favorite wrestler?

The Unpure One,


Friday, August 5, 2011

Psssst, Thank You ha?

#1 Site - Blogs on Sex

Bwahahahaha! Hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o ndi, pero salamat.

Hindi naman ako bastos na tao. Marami rin namang bagay bukod sa sex ang mababasa dito. Hahahaha! It's just that mas open lang talaga ko magkwento ng mga bagay-bagay that other people find sensitive or taboo kasi ganun talaga ko eh. Malaya, opinyonado, masayahen, makapal ang mukha. =)

Salamat sa pagbabasa! Have a great Friday everyoneeeee!!!!!!!

The Unpure One,


P.S. Kinopy-paste ko talaga kase baka bukas mag-iba na yung resulta eh, LOL!
P.P.S. I went somewhere nice last weekend but I haven't posted a review of the place yet. Maybe I'll do that this weekend pag ndi ako tinamad, hehe!
P.P.P.S. Thank you rin pala sayo Marvs for including me in the Hall of Famer's list kahit na sinabihan mo kong over-age na. Hahaha!
P.P.P.P.S. Thank you rin sa nagbigay ng discount vouchers at white chocolates!
P.P.P.P.P.S. Thank you rin sa nagbigay ng magazine!
P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Yun lang po. Thank you! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's the color of your......?

When I feel like I want to pamper myself, I get a massage and a mani-pedi but there are times when I paint my own nails. I sometimes color it officemates call it pentel pen blue because the shade's the same shade as the marker. Or when I feel foxy, I go for the usual PUSSY RED. And that's when it hit me... Why in God's green earth did they name it that? I am a healthy and fit normal woman in my 20's and my pussy aint that red. So why? Why? Tell me!!!!!!

They could've named it "Regla Red" and I wouldn't have argued with them. But PUSSY RED?! Come on, gimme a break. LOL.

I just loveeeee animal prints!

From my blouse ----

To my bag --

Down to my shoes --

So if I were given a chance to choose what color my vivacious vulva would be, I think I'd want it either in zebra or leopard print. Yes, you read that right. And it would look like this --

Kyooooooottttt noh? :)

The Unpure One,


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends for Keeps

I don't believe in long-distance romantic relationships but I believe in long-distance friendships.  My two best girlfriends are working overseas but distance never got in the way of our friendship.

We keep in touch regularly. We update each other either thru email, or skype or YM. We actually have more serious and intimate conversations thru the internet than in real life. LOL. Because when we're all physically together, we'd do nothing but laugh and goof around. We act like retards all the time.

When schedules and budgets permit, we plan short vacays to re-connect.

We met in college when we were still studying in the Royal and Pontifical university in the flood capital of the U-Belt. (LOL)

We were always groupmates pag may activity or project sa school. Or we'd be study buddies come Midterms or Finals. We even had this play before in the AB auditorium when they were all laughing at me because I portrayed the role of a witch. Hahaha! (hanapen nyo nalang sa picture)

We act like silly monkeys when we are together. No matter how beautiful the scenery, we always find ways to ruin the picture. LOL. Most of our pictures aren't Facebook-friendly because yung iba nakakahiya na talaga. Hehehehehe.

I had gone through an emotional dilemma December of last year and I have never felt so loved and cared for because these two nutties were there for me. Thank God for Skype. We'd Skype each other every-freaking-day. They would always call me and check on me even though we were miles and timezones apart.

We're all different now from the girls that we were back in college but we've come to love each other's quirks and differences. Our lives have moved in different directions but the bond that we have still remains. I'm a bit sad that I can't join them this month when they fly off to Europe. Sometimes, work gets in the way of friendship pero ganun talaga. Hehehe.

Our last email exchange went like this --

Friend 1 : Sumama ka na kase! Wag ka nang maarte!
K : Gusto ko! Kaso I can't be gone for 2 weeks straight. Baka pagbalik ko wala nakong trabaho.
Friend 2 : Hindi ba talaga pwedeng paki-usapan boss mo?
K : Ndi talaga eh. =(
Friend 1 : Hmp. Sige na nga, next time sumama ka na ha!
K : Of course!
Friend 2 : Okay sige, ano nalang pasalubong gusto mo from Europe?
K : Poging Briton pwede?
Friend 1 and Friend 2 : BWAHAHAHAHAH! Hayup ka! Ndi naman pwede i-Fedex yun.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

Let's all start our month right! Let's spread positive vibes all around!

The Unpure One,