Friday, August 12, 2011

I pulled a Cinderella last night....

I went out last night after work. You know how sometimes you want to unwind mid-week to rid yourself of stress? That was how I was feeling last night. Well, I am not really stressed at work. Thank God! But I just felt like I wanted to unwind on a week day.

So anyway, after dinner, I went to a bar somewhere in Quezon City. They were playing hits from the 70s and 80s. I feel so ancient! Hehehe!

I had a mild headache last night so I took an Advil and downed it with a frozen Margarita.

I was thinking of having another round of cocktails but I decided not to since I still have work the following morning. I am a responsible adult, of course. =)

So I ordered Cappuccino instead. Decaf. Hehehehe.

Ako lang ata ang umiinom ng kape kagabe sa bar na yun! Hahahaha! Lola na lola lang ang dating ko. Speaking of coffee, it tasted like cardboard! The coffee in our office vendo tastes wayyyyy better! And it's only P3 a cup! Beat that!

So I just sat there and did what I do best - and that is to people-watch and to eavesdrop on their conversation! HAHAHAHAHA! It's so relaxing.

A couple of my friends dropped by too and they noticed that I lost weight.

I told them that I went on a diet for a month because I have the worst muffin top! (I skip one meal a day and just compensate by eating crackers and soup.) Tinawanan nila ko. Tumigil na daw ako kaka-diet kase buto-buto nalang daw ako. *insert sad face here*

I was already home by 12MN because I am a responsible adult and I need to be at work early the following day (which is today, hehe).

And that is the story of the Single Girl in the Suburbs, hehehe.

It's weekend once again! Where are you planning to go? Sama ko! :)

The Responsible One,



khantotantra said...

hahaha, responsableng responsable.... di ka umabot ng lagpas ng 12mn. :p

SpiderHamm said...

Buti nde naiwan yung sapatos sa may entrance ng resto~

C.C. said...

usually pag ako umiinom at may klase kinabukasan, pinagsisisihan ko hahaha

Charles said...

hmmmm sagada?