Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends for Keeps

I don't believe in long-distance romantic relationships but I believe in long-distance friendships.  My two best girlfriends are working overseas but distance never got in the way of our friendship.

We keep in touch regularly. We update each other either thru email, or skype or YM. We actually have more serious and intimate conversations thru the internet than in real life. LOL. Because when we're all physically together, we'd do nothing but laugh and goof around. We act like retards all the time.

When schedules and budgets permit, we plan short vacays to re-connect.

We met in college when we were still studying in the Royal and Pontifical university in the flood capital of the U-Belt. (LOL)

We were always groupmates pag may activity or project sa school. Or we'd be study buddies come Midterms or Finals. We even had this play before in the AB auditorium when they were all laughing at me because I portrayed the role of a witch. Hahaha! (hanapen nyo nalang sa picture)

We act like silly monkeys when we are together. No matter how beautiful the scenery, we always find ways to ruin the picture. LOL. Most of our pictures aren't Facebook-friendly because yung iba nakakahiya na talaga. Hehehehehe.

I had gone through an emotional dilemma December of last year and I have never felt so loved and cared for because these two nutties were there for me. Thank God for Skype. We'd Skype each other every-freaking-day. They would always call me and check on me even though we were miles and timezones apart.

We're all different now from the girls that we were back in college but we've come to love each other's quirks and differences. Our lives have moved in different directions but the bond that we have still remains. I'm a bit sad that I can't join them this month when they fly off to Europe. Sometimes, work gets in the way of friendship pero ganun talaga. Hehehe.

Our last email exchange went like this --

Friend 1 : Sumama ka na kase! Wag ka nang maarte!
K : Gusto ko! Kaso I can't be gone for 2 weeks straight. Baka pagbalik ko wala nakong trabaho.
Friend 2 : Hindi ba talaga pwedeng paki-usapan boss mo?
K : Ndi talaga eh. =(
Friend 1 : Hmp. Sige na nga, next time sumama ka na ha!
K : Of course!
Friend 2 : Okay sige, ano nalang pasalubong gusto mo from Europe?
K : Poging Briton pwede?
Friend 1 and Friend 2 : BWAHAHAHAHAH! Hayup ka! Ndi naman pwede i-Fedex yun.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

Let's all start our month right! Let's spread positive vibes all around!

The Unpure One,



Charles said...

royal and pontifical but usually flooded LOL

Mai Yang said...

Super love it ^_^
God bless sa friendship nyo ^_^

Andy said...

Nice post! Keep it up!


Ganun nga talaga ang magkakaibigan, kahit saan man magpunta hindi pa rin mawawala ang koneksyon sa isa't isa.