Friday, July 29, 2011

Free-day Friday

Yehey! Everything's been turning out well for me lately. Things at work have been going smoothly too. I'm already done with my deliverables this month so ilang araw nako pumapasok sa work na walang masyadong ginagawa. I love it!!! I'm on leave na today since quota nako. Yay!

I just want to stay home the whole day, scrub the floor, wash my dishes and!!! I went home early two day ago and ndi pako makatulog agad so what I did was, I cleaned the floor in my living room. Scrubbed it with soap then finished off by rinsing with water and bleach. It was a great work out! Pagod na pagod ako after. Ndi ko actually alam kung napagod ako sa paglinis or sa pag-inhale ng bleach and cleaning detergent. Haha! I really love living alone because it gives me the freedom to do anything I want. So later Ill do a bit of cleaning again and maybe do some gastronomic wonders in the kitchen.

And then Ill just catch up on my reading and vegetate all day long! Yay I love days like this! Thank you Lord for leaves and restdays! :)

I wish everyone a fab and stress-free weekend ahead!




khantotantra said...

ansipags mo naman :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, what's your school and what course? and what's your current occupation? wala lang, a little bit curious lang tnx

Charles said...

the princess sometimes has to get down on her knees LOL