Thursday, July 28, 2011

Always Let Your Sun Shine!

I have a lot of girlfriends – half of whom are now married, while the other half of us singletons are either single by choice, in a relationship, suffering in a bad relationship (LOL) or single by circumstance/s (awwwww).


I belong to the last category, single by circumstance, in other words “Walang magkagusto”. Madame kasing may ayaw ng maganda pero pangit ang ugali, LOL. Bwahahahahaha.


So anyway, I have this friend who recently entered into a relationship. She was always my wing girl. We’d go to night-outs together, have midnight snacks together or sometimes we’d just have coffee and people-watch (boy-watch) together. I love hanging out with her because I see myself in her – vivacious, independent, chatty and broad-minded.


She lives her life the way she wants to live it, uncaring of what other people might think or say. I met up with her last week because I wanted her to fill me in on the juicy details of her new lovelife. I noticed something different when I saw her – she was not dolled up and she looked gloomy. She was far from her usual demeanor, highly unlikely for someone who’s just recently snatched a hot beau.


She confided that her new boyfriend just wants her to look low-key.  Gone were the cute get-ups, her hair was just tied in a boring bun and she looked uptight. It was like I am in the presence of a stranger. I do not know if I should be happy for her.


Honestly, I loathe people who lose their own personalities when they get into a relationship.  It’s like they live their life according to their partner’s approval. I used to be one of them that’s why I feel strongly about it, hehe. (May pinanggagalingan, LOL!) And it’s one of my worst decisions, ever.


Women (and men too) shouldn’t lose their light when they start a new relationship. They shouldn’t lose their own person. If a man is looking for you to mute your music, then he's not the man for you. Please don’t do a disservice to yourself by molding yourself into a totally different person just to please your partner. He must love you for who and what you are – tutu skirt and all.


There’s a big difference between changing for the better and changing just to be accepted.



The Unpure One,






Leo said...

khacai, ang galing galing mo sa entry na 'to. para kang love guru!

keep it up! :)miss you girl!

The Gasoline Dude said...

It's all about compromise, I guess.

Mai Yang said...

like to the nth^

Anonymous said...

tama ka.. dapat well established ang negotiables and non-negotiables sa relationship.. the person should love you as who you are before pa maging kayo at pag kayo na, hindi ung time will come na ipagbabawal niya halos lahat ng usual mong ginagawa... hehe.. love your blog ms. unpure one.. ^_^ thanks..