Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beer + Ledge + Pantyliner DO NOT MIX!

If you remember my post last weekend - click here, I told you that I went out with my friends and officemates right? Here are other photos from the party.


DISCLAIMER : I don't know these people. They were random girls in the bar who joined the Booty-shakin contest last Saturday. Hehe.

Enjoy the pics!

1. Drink moderately.
2. Don't wear white pantyliner when you're wearing a black lacey see-thru. (May black pantyliner po sa supermarket. Kthanksbye)

3. Drink Moderately.
4. Drink Moderately.
5. Drink Moderately.
6. Need I say more?

The Unpure One,



AdroidEnteng said...

lupet naman..parang sa fhm lang..:)

Anonymous said...

moral lesson?? seriously???

BoyKulot said...

Haha. super cool. sang club yan? And what brand yang black panty liner na sinasabi mo? Feeling ko wala nyan sa PI :s

Mai Yang said...

kaloka! as in! hahahahah!

Mai Yang said...

following you! ^_^

moreinz said...

di ka nakatiis nagblog ka tlga hahahah!!!!