Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Tales: Yakimix and Xcess!

I went out with my officemates and friends last Saturday. We decided to have dinner in Yakimix to check out what everyone's raving about. What I mostly had were fish and shrimps while my officemates favored the more sinful pork and beef.

Major lamon talaga ginawa ko that's why I don't have decent pics during dinner. It's either nakanganga or andameng food sa mouth. LOL! Napagod ako kaka-grill, seriously. Hehe. Binayaran mo na nga, pinagluto ka pa! It doesn't sit well with me.

After a very hearty dinner, we decided to go to Xcess to dance all the calories away! Hehehe. It being a Saturday night, the bar was packed! Ang init at ang daming mga bagets. Ugh.

I think I drank one beer too many because I had a very serious head-ache the morning after and my legs were pretty sore from too much dancing. Sign of aging!!!!!!!!

But all in all, I had a lot of fun because I get to spend time with my friends.

How'd your weekend go?

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...

hehehe, kaw na nagbayad, ikaw pa nag-ihaw....

hmmm. parang guto ko matry yan. pero baka less pork... :p

Marjorie said...

this is included in my must-try resto list. i heard it's good and it looks like you agree. as with my weekend well it was pretty boring.

kikilabotz said...

ang seseksi naman ng mga kaibigan mo kai, wala bang ibang viewws? nyahahah