Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's Go Green: "Reusable Condom"

We used to study about this this in Elementary and Highschool. My teachers taught us that we can only have so much junk so it's better to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Hmmmmm, is that why there is an abundance of 'Ukay-Ukay' and Surplus stores everywhere? Would you consider buying used clothes? Or worse, used underwears (skidmarks and all)? Hahaha! [I know I can be gross sometimes, Sorry, lol]

While we are on the subject of Reusing, did you know that back in 1640, they were able to un-earth the oldest surviving condom in the world. And it is not just your ordinary rubber, it is REUSABLE. Like ewwwwww! Hahaha!

Oldest "Reusable Condom" in 'mint' condition - Up for Sale in eBay for only $20 **

What's really rad about this is that when they discovered the reusable condom,  it came with an original user's manual written in Latin! Holycamolyfuckmeinthealley! LOL! I wonder what 's in the manual. Let's see, let me guess :

Step 1. Think naughty thoughts to get your bird up.
Step 2. Once it's hard, roll the condom all the way down to the base.
Step 3. Do the deed!
     Step 3.1 Do it doggy-style.
     Step 3.2 Do it missionary
     Step 3.3 If everything gets boring, refer to Kamasutra
     Step 3.4 If you still find it boring, just imagine someone else. Say, Anna Kournikova? Or Maria Ozawa?
     Step 3.5 If you still find it boringzzzz, imagine David Beckham or David Letterman (lol)! WTF!
Step 4. After the deed, wash the condom.
Step 5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 if you are with a hot, sexy Latina. (or Latino)

This wonderful piece of artifact is now on display in the Austrian Museum. According to the manual, the said condom needs to be dipped or submerged in warm milk before using in order to avoid diseases.

Eventhough I am for Reusing, Reducing and Recycling, I hope that Reusable Condoms do not make a comeback in the market. (not anytime soon, not ever!)

The Unpure One,


** LOL, I'm just kidding about the ad! :) But yeah, the picture is for real.
[Source: here]
[Photo credit: here]


khantotantra said...


natawa ako sa steps 3.1-3.5 :D

wash and wear ata yang reusable condom.

Jepoy said...

*evil grin*

Ex Jason said...

um.. ew? lol.

POY said...

awww gross hayuuuffff!!! heheheehhe

Nimmy said...

hahahaha! saan mo nahahanap ang mga bagay na yan teh khai? sabihin mo?! lol

kakalowka ka talaga. :)

an_indecent_mind said...

errrr... di po ko makarelate e... sensya na po...

tanong lang, hypothetical question, kumakain ka ba ng saging na may balat?

WV: "fittsau" nyahahahha!!!

-=K=- said...

Ang aarte nyo, mga lalake pa naman kayo! Hehe! Pa ewwww-ewwww pa!

Good afternoon everyone!

Don Dee said...

Green minded indeed. :)

Jag said...

You naughty girl! Spank me! LOL...I'd go for Maria Ozawa haha...

If it's just like washing my boxer's, then why not!haha... Pero may nalalaman pa silang submerege submerge sa warm milk...wag na! Kakatamad magtimpla ng gatas. LOL.

kikilabotz said...

bwahahahahaha. buti na lang hindi ako makarelate... (ngiting masama)

J said...

When you said "We used to study about this this in Elementary and Highschool", I thought you meant birth control.

Is that even in DepEd's current elementary/ high school curriculum? :)

Anonymous said...

I remember practicing how to use condoms when i was 17 years old. Did that with some really hot girls.

Miss November from Norway and Ms. December from Sweden were particularly memorable.

Di ko alam meron palang reusable condom. Dapat yun na lang ang ginamit ko. Dami ko pinag-praktisan na one-time use only. Halos nauubos allowance ko.


neckromancer said...

Warm milk. Ayos.
Scientific studies have shown that milk contains lactic acid that can be used to disinfect, but is safe to use, for the genital areas.

Anonymous said...

mura lang naman ang trust condom so bakit pa bibili ng reusable.heheh.

binisita ulet kita K. :)

The Philippine Guild said...

very nice research!

Fabrique said...

On this day and age: ewww! :-D

Baka di ka pa maka dalawa, HIV positive ka na. :-s

So think positive. Don't recycle!

seriously, these type of condoms are still in the market. :-)

-=K=- said...

Hahaha! Pag mga naughty posts talaga ang bibilis nyong magcomment! LOL!

cheese said...

bakit ang bibilis nila magcomment kapag ganito hahaha