Monday, August 9, 2010

3D Mania

Speaking of 3D, even FHM (ef-etch-em) has joined the hype! Nyeks! Sexy girls clad in 2-piece bikinis can now be seen in 3D! Whoaaaaaa.

FHM in 3D

So who’s joining the bandwagon next? Tiktik? Abante? Libre? Philippine Star? Remate? Bandera? LOL!!!!!

I hope Pilipinas Win na Win doesn’t follow soon. I don’t want to see Kris Aquino in all her 3D glory! Hehehe.


On a sidenote, I’d like to thank the following guys for mentioning me in their blogs (not in 3D though, lol).

I’m sooo tatsHehe! Ngunit bakit ganun, panglabas na kaanyuan lang? Wala bang pupuna sa angking kong talento sa pagsusulat? BWAHAHAHAHAAH! 



That’s all folks.

Have a great week ahead! 

Take Care, alright? The roads are slippery because of the rain. Drive slowly.

The Unpure One,



kikilabotz said...

natawa ako sa picture. bwahahaha

-=K=- said...

Totoo naman ah! Slippery when wet. LOL! Bili ka ng FHM August Edition, may mga 3D pics inside. :)

gesmunds said...

whew! naloka ako sa last image mo ah! :))

nice page you have here!