Sunday, August 22, 2010

God is Good

Yes, that's so true! I have always believed in God's plan but this one's really over the top. He gave me all that I have wanted and more.

I recently closed a sweet chapter in my life. It was all pretty but it wasn't for me. So I had to stop it. Cut it. Drop it while it's still beautiful.

I have had no regrets. No ill feelings. But only beautiful memories I will cherish.

I was so down and I needed to find comfort..refuge.. And so I prayed. I read somewhere that if you want God to grant you your wishes, you need to be specific about what you are asking for. I found comfort in my prayer. I told Him the deepest, sincerest wishes of my heart. I poured it out on Him - down to the last single detail.

And then it happened. It came as a surprise. It was totally unexpected. It was so random and spontaneous.

It was magical. And it was all mine.

The prayer that I asked for, God granted to me - down to the last tiny detail. I am still in a daze. I'm still in a state of shock - the good kind of shock, lol! I still can't believe it until now but I am extremely grateful.

God really works in mysterious ways.

Finally, I am "home".

Don't forget to hear mass today! Have a great Sunday everyone! Live, love, laugh! =)

The Unpure One,



Micamics said...

Positivity is in the air! Thank you for reminding that God works in mysterious ways.. :D

an_indecent_mind said...

huh??? ikaw ba yan?? nagbabagong anyo ka pala pag sundays? lol

amfufu! muntik na nman dumugo ilong ko dito sa blog mo... sowsss!!

Jag said...

Amen! Happy Sunday!

Don Dee said...

Wow, coincidence? On the same day at that, we practically posted the same thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Am so happy for you that God has answered your prayer! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, is this part of the "Mushy Sunday"?

Too bad I don't have mushy posts today. Lol!

Anonymous said...

nagkamali yata ako ng blog na napuntahan?? hahaha

nwei sobrang sang ayon ako sa post mo na toh. naks inlove ka na naman? hnd m p nga ako nililibre eh. hahaha

- kikilabotz

-=K=- said...

Mica - yes, kelangan positive :)

A_I_M - oo minsan nagbabagong anyo ako, hahaha! Nagiging pure and innocent. LOL.

Jag - Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, my friend.

Double D - Onga e. Naaliw nga ako when I saw your post. Mushy mushy0han din. Magkadikit siguro bituka naten. LOL! Ano gip mo ke BB?

Nozzie - hahaha! Ikaw lang nawala sa tema. Sayo erotic eh! LOL!!!!!

Marvs - pasalubong ko from Davao? Have a great week ahead.

Anonymous - thanks

Nimmy said...

astig! i like reading this side of you ate khai. pak na pak! :)

Anonymous said...

Scooze me, nobody informed me there was supposed to be a "Sunday Theme".
You could've sent me an SMS.

Anyway, I wouldn't have possibly made a mushy post yesterday since I was suffering from that monster hang-over.

So, what's gonna be the theme next Sunday? but if its gonna be Mushy again, I'm tellin' ya, I would just refrain from posting. Lol!

Besides, matagal pa V-day at ang b-day niya ay nakalagpas na. :D

gesmunds said...

wow naman! mejo kakaiba nga ang post mo ngayon pero,, its always good to know one's other side!
whatever that may be,, congrats!
stay happy friend! :))

-=K=- said...

Nimmy - thank you :) Yes, I don't show this side of me often kaya pak na pak talaga. Borta! LOL.

Nozzie - hehe, nagkataon lang yun. Just kidding.

Gesmunds - hi friend, thank you :)

glentot said...

Good for you!!!

Traveliztera said...

God is indeed great... I'm so glad you received what you asked for... :) God bless you! :)

Super Balentong said...

god is good... good for you kung naibigay nya sayo lahat. :)

Anonymous said...

Wish you'd start blogging again. Still love your blogs, even if i'm not cute, hot, stable, sweet and wash your dishes, just demented. :-))

POY said...

in life what i learned lately was learn to be contented of what u have and be happy despite of some circumstances i went through in life. somehow there is always a light after darkness naman din diba... basta enjoy life cai!!

-=K=- said...

Glentot - thanks!

Traveliztera - thanks sis. God bless you too :D

SB - Yes, God is goooood! Hehe!

Anonymous - :)

POY - grabe! Naalala ko na naman yung chikahan naten! Winner! Hehe! Thanks!