Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Fun

I had a very busy week! Busy with work and school. Not to mention that it was my midterms yesterday so I had to review the past few days. I missed blogging! LOL.

I met up with my friend yesterday after school. Since we were both bored and we didn't have any solid plans, we just opted to watch a movie. I wanted to go to Trinoma but my friend insisted that we watch SALT in Eastwood.

We went in 10mins before showtime. Just in time to watch the trailers of upcoming films. I noticed that most of the movies today are in 3D. Nyeks! Even the sequel of Step Up is in 3D! Why oh why? WEIRD!

Anyway, back to SALT. Angelina was a one-woman team in the film, very far from reality I know, pero ang ganda ng dating! Imagine, napatay nya lahat ng Russians sa movie! Assteeg! Haha! Pelikula nga naman!

After the film, we drove around Tomas Morato and we saw this place that sells Ilocos Empanada. My friend explained that it's very different from the empanada in Goldilocks because this one has egg, veggies and longganisa inside. And it tastes so much better if eaten with vinegar. Hmmmm, vinegar and empanada? Now, that got me curious.

Ilocos Empanada

The wrapper is orange flour, much like the one used in kwek-kwek, I think. Hehe. And true enough, there's egg and longganisa inside. Masarap sya in a weird kind of way. And it really tastes better if you put Ilocos vinegar in it. Yum! Try it! It's near the Rotating Virgin Mary image in Scout Fernandez, Quezon City. 

So tell me, how did your weekend go?

Lakas ng ulan lately, try to stay indoors! Keep safe everyone! :-)

The Unpure One,



The Philippine Guild said...

yours is better. i stayed indoors coz of the rain.

-=K=- said...

The Philippine Guild - that's good. It's nice to relax and stay indoors pag umuulan while sipping hot chocolate! Heaven!

Abou said...

mine is boring

Don Dee said...

Haha... new look again. Who's OC now?!!! And how was the movie? Hmmm... I'm waiting for sexy pictures in 3D, that'll be worth the ticket!

-=K=- said...

Abou - boring is okay sometimes. :)

Double D - wait for my next post. :D

neckromancer said...

It's all economics. 3D brings in more money. Look at what they charge!