Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been feeling kinda low this weekend. Sometimes, no matter how much positivity I want to imbibe in my life, loneliness gets the best of me. There are issues in the personal front that I've been trying to hurdle for the past few weeks and I get sad when I don't get the results that I want.

So yesterday Sunday, instead of just staying in and sulk the whole day, I hauled my sexy ass off to Eastwood to have lunch and coffee with a friend. I needed to be in a different environment apart from this 4-walled unit I call home. We talked, bonded, shared stories and towards the end of the day, there was a big improvement in my mood. Thank goodness for good friends and good food! (the food part, I will blog about in a separate post! =) )

There was a bit of traffic on our way home, there were policemen and kibitzers all over the place. I initially thought that maybe there has been a car accident. But when we were getting near to where all the people were, I found out that there was a dead man on the side of the road. It was a hit and run accident.

And it got me thinking that life's too short to be anything but happy. It's easier said than done though but I will try to be positive and grateful most of the time. My life has been a series of ups and downs but I am still alive, breathing and I think that alone is reason enough to be thankful.

Let's all have a bright week ahead! Happy Monday guys!

The Unpure One,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Surprising Studies about SEX!

Sex Makes You Smarter

While these studies are not conclusive for guaranteeing a brainier outcome, it appears that regular sexual activity may be good for your brain in more ways than one. In a Princeton study using adult male rats (rats and humans are genetically similar), researchers found that when they provided the rats with daily doses of sexual activity with receptive females, compared to virgin rats, they experienced brain cell growth and a rise in brain cell connections. In addition, the more sex the rats received, the less anxiety (stress hormone damage) they experienced in life, suggesting sex may be healthy for the brain’s longevity.

Wednesday is Not the True Hump Day

According to various surveys, Tuesday is the day most people like to get things done. This leaves little time for fooling around, which is why Tuesday is a bad day for sex. Wednesdays are a good day for a first date, according to surveys, but it is Thursday that is the best day to get it on. According to a recent study, Thursday offers an advantage over any other day, because of synchronized hormone levels between the sexes. In other words, we both have sex on the brain. To this news, I hereby nominate Thursday our new official hump day!


According to research, initiating sex during sleep occurs in 7.6 percent of the population, and while some researchers like to classify this as a sleep disorder, many partners are certainly not complaining.

Any of my readers/friends suffering from Sexsomnia? I want to know! :) Hehehehe!

The Unpure One,


[source: here]

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Tales : La Luz Beach Resort (Batangas)

Here's a blow by blow account of our early summer get-away in La Luz two weekends ago. I went there with NimmyLeo, and 3 of our other friends.

We got to the resort around noon but since we didnt make an online reservation, we were told that the rooms that were good for groups of six were already taken. Sigh. So since we were already there and we didnt want to sleep in the sand (ahhahaha), we just took the bigger room - big enough for 10 people. It is called the Premiere Loft (rate: P4,300/night). There were 2 beds in the 1st floor and 3 beds in the loft.

[Picture c/o Nimmy]

They require people who stay overnight to avail of the buffet meals which include lunch upon arrival, merienda, dinner and breakfast the following morning (rate: P1,100/head). The place wasn't too crowded when we were there. Thank goodness! I got a good dose of what I came there for - peace, serenity and tranquility! (with a little bit of boy-watching on the side)

When evening came, we went to the dining area to have dinner and the view of the moon was majestic. Lovettttt! Dinner by the beach, sarappppp!

After dinner, we went to the beach and hung out. Chichirya, Tanduay Ice and good company completed the repertoire!

Para kong e-ebs sa upo ko, LOL! At si Nimmy, sya na! Sya na ang nakatalukbong! Haha!

We woke up early the following day so we can have enough time to swim before the sun was at its brightest.

Syempre may net pa akong cover kase ganun talaga pag "dalagang Filipina"! Hahaha!

La Luz is situated at the farthest end of the shoreline so the beach was a bit rocky. It's best to wear acqua shoes when you are walking by the beach.

Natatawa saken mga friends ko kasi ako lang daw ang kilala nilang nagbo-blowdry ng hair bago
maligo sa beach! Hahaha! Aba shempre naman, malay nyo makasalubong ko si Patrick Dempsey
sa beach noh! Mas mabuti nang prepared. Hahahaha!

I was sooo amazed because there were fishes that were swimming in the shallow part of the water. Parang nanunuod lang ako ng Aquarium Channel! Hehe! Madaming fishes here and there, thank goodness at walang piranha! =)

We left the resort after lunch. It was a good weekend spent with my close friends! Lovetttttttt!

K : "Kuhanan mo ko ng picture, kunware nagsasunbathing ako tapos ndi ko alam na pinipicturan moko."

Wishing everyone a beautiful summer escapade! XoXo.

The Unpure One,



(02) 726-6687, (02) 726-4977 (02) 726-7445

1. Take South Super Highway (SLEX) up to STAR toll way. The 2 highways are now connected near Calamba. Please do not exit the highway and stay on until the SLEX turns into the STAR highway.

2. Drive 45 kilometers on the Star Toll way (STAR) and take the San Jose-Ibaan Exit (after the Lipa exit). After exiting, turn left and drive 2.5 kilometers. You will reach an intersection with a sign pointing to Rosario, at this point please turn left at this intersection. After turning left, the Municipal Hall of Ibaan will be on your right while a church will be on your left. After passing the church on your left you will reach a forked road. Turn right at the road sign pointing to San Juan. Drive 8 kilometers along this road to Rosario town proper.

3. Upon reaching the Rosario town proper, there is a Jollibee outlet at your left. Drive past the Jollibee Rosario outlet and the South Star drug store outlet. This road leads all the way to San Juan town proper, which is approximately 23 kilometers away. You will pass a sign for the Batangas Racing Circuit along the way. Please veer left at this point. There is a new gasoline station being built.

4. Once in the town of San Juan, make a right after the Municipal Hall. You will see a Petron Gasoline Station, a Frank’s burger Stall and a Dunkin Donut Store right before the Municipal Hall. This road, will take you to the barrio of Hugom. The total distance from the Municipal Hall is about 24 kilometers and the last 500 meters is rough road. Please follow the road until you see signs for the Resort. You will have to go up a couple of hills towards the end of the trip and you will see a big entrance to your left. The drive is approximately 30 minutes.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Day!

I am in Lipa now for work. But work doesn't start until 8pm. So here I am, killing time in my favorite cafe. Drinking my favorite coffee, making use of their free wi-fi, and basically doing nothing.  Tonight's going to be a busy night so I am using this time to relax and regroup myself before everything becomes mayhem. LOL.

I have been feeling gloomy all weekend. I don't know why. When I woke up this morning, I decided that I will not let the dark cloud hang around until today. Today's a new day, it's the start of another week. I want to start it right. So instead of wallowing into misery, I started my day with a smile.

I woke up early because the office shuttle needs to pick me up by 4:30AM. On the way to Batangas, we passed by South Super Highway and it was about the same time when the sun was rising. I marveled at the beauty of the sunrise and the proverbial hope that it brings.

I looked at it and I felt a sense of peace. I'm still feeling a bit sad, but not as sad as I was last weekend. For when I saw the sunrise, it made me realize to take things a day at a time.

I will make this heavy blanket go away. I have to. I need to. And I will.

Every sunset gives us one day less to live, but every sunrise gives us one more day to hope! =)

Here's to hoping that all of us will usher in this new week with positivity! Let's make it happen.

The Unpure One,


[sunrise photo c/o google]

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I feel sad today.
Must be the rain.