Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been feeling kinda low this weekend. Sometimes, no matter how much positivity I want to imbibe in my life, loneliness gets the best of me. There are issues in the personal front that I've been trying to hurdle for the past few weeks and I get sad when I don't get the results that I want.

So yesterday Sunday, instead of just staying in and sulk the whole day, I hauled my sexy ass off to Eastwood to have lunch and coffee with a friend. I needed to be in a different environment apart from this 4-walled unit I call home. We talked, bonded, shared stories and towards the end of the day, there was a big improvement in my mood. Thank goodness for good friends and good food! (the food part, I will blog about in a separate post! =) )

There was a bit of traffic on our way home, there were policemen and kibitzers all over the place. I initially thought that maybe there has been a car accident. But when we were getting near to where all the people were, I found out that there was a dead man on the side of the road. It was a hit and run accident.

And it got me thinking that life's too short to be anything but happy. It's easier said than done though but I will try to be positive and grateful most of the time. My life has been a series of ups and downs but I am still alive, breathing and I think that alone is reason enough to be thankful.

Let's all have a bright week ahead! Happy Monday guys!

The Unpure One,



gillboard said...

epiphanies do come at the strangest of times.

have a great week ahead!!!

khantotantra said...

tama. kailangan mas madami happy moments.

Happy monday ms. K! :D

kikilabotz said...

kikilabotz to the rscue...... woooooooooh

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling low. wish i could help. but maybe not, except by...disappearing?

think about it though, not only are you still alive and breathing -- you're hot and hot and hot -- even if you don't feel like it now.

PS: you've been sounding rather brittle, but i know that warm smile in your voice is in there somewhere. always will be.

send you some hugs and kisses?

glentot said...

It's hard to stay positive if you dwell on staying positive all the time. There are times when you should just stop clenching your muscles around that really BIG shit and just let it go... Some things are better off ignored, like our woes... Stay Happy!!!

SpiderHam said...

with this post i remember what our trainer in personal effectiveness told us
"always think that today is the first day of your life, and also today is the last day of your life."

SpiderHam said...

i remember what my personal effectiveness trainer told us about life
"always think today as the first day of the rest of your life, and today is also the last day of your life"