Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Daddy

Dear Dad,
You were always busy with work during my growing up years. You’re always out of the house very early and would always come home late at night. I don’t get to see you as often as I wanted. Maybe that’s why I am attracted to older men - because the attention and the validation that I didn’t get from you while I was growing up, I’m seeking from someone else. It has always been my grandmother who looked after me while you and mom were busy at work. And it didn’t help that you and my grandmother fought a lot. Because you see Dad, during the times when I needed you the most, it has always been ‘lola’ who was there for me.
As I grew older, that’s when I realized that I shouldn’t be feeling this way towards you. I realize now that it wasn’t easy for you too. We’re not rich so you and mom had to work full time to make sure that we would always have food on the table. Not to mention, everything else that comes with raising 4 children. I now understand why you had to miss my recognition ceremonies when I was little. And why it has always been 'kuya' who would bring me to and from school.
I didn’t understand these things back then, Dad.
But you know what? If there’s anything that I find amusing about you is your knack for being a jerk-detector. Remember my (ex) boyfriend that you didn’t like? Well, you were right all along, he did turn out to be a jerk. Haha! Oh and by the way I’d like to thank you for not being too hard to the others. :-)
Dad, I am sorry for having been a rebellious daughter during my teen-age years... for always breaking my  curfew… for not finishing my studies… for the headaches and heartaches I’ve caused you and mom.  Thank you for still loving me despite everything that I have done. It is your unconditional love that’s helped me get my life back on track.
I’m living responsibly on my own two feet now, I’m back in school and I don’t go out with jerks anymore (hahaha).. You see Dad, I didn’t turn out to be so bad.  Thanks for believing that it’s not yet too late to turn my life around.
I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day!

Your Daughter,

Please don't forget to greet your dad a Happy Father's Day this coming Sunday. =)


Micamics said...

Know what Kaye, this blog's the best and the most heart- warming blog ever! You have tissue? I wanna cry!

-=K=- said...

Awwww I'm sure you miss your Dad :( Don't worry Mica, wherever he is right now, I'm sure he's proud of you. Mwah!

may said...

ang galing mo sis! I'm so proud of you:)

Anonymous said...

We all have our relationships with our fathers, including our issues with them and vice-versa. Me too, including some that never quite got worked out till the day he died. Maybe because we were just so different.

Your blog about your father is so beautiful. Love him and and show him how much you love him, because he certainly deserves it :)

Anonymous said...

i like this one!