Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank you BPI

I love online banking because it gives me the flexibility to access my account, transfer funds and pay my bills no matter where I am. I have always been a loyal BPI customer ever since I started working. I got introduced to BPI's online banking system a couple of years back and I can say that everything has been a breeze.

Two days ago, I was transferring funds online and right in the middle of the transaction,  I received a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message. Hmmmmm. It hasn't happened to me before but knowing how reliable BPI's service is, I didn't worry about it. When I checked the source account, the amount has already been debited but when I checked the recipient account, the money's not there. WTF? Where'd it go?

I immediately called BPI's 89-100 line and advised them of what just happened. The representative was apologetic and she said that she's going to make a report of the matter and told me to wait for a response within 2 days. A day after I called them, I received a call from a BPI representative saying that they have already fixed the problem and I was told to check my account to make sure that the money's there. And it was.

I just want to spread word out about their efficient customer service. Thank you BPI! =)

The Unpure One,


P.S. I am getting hits from, so thank you to everyone at BPI for reading my blog! Hehehe!


Anonymous said...

And here I was, foolishly hoping that you've caught the complaint bug from me. Lol. But yeah, BPI is ok. I've got a BPI account myself.

Don Dee


uyy libre

deaconblue said...

Getting hits from BPI, eh? I would imagine they're all male. LOL!

-=K=- said...

deaconblue - excuse me, but I'm sure I have female readers too. About two or three? Hahaha! :p