Friday, June 25, 2010

Let's talk about SEX errrr SIX!

Today marks the 6th month of my blog! 

Yay! I was never the 'monthsary' type of girl even when I was still in a relationship. I believe that milestones should be measured in years, not months. But hey, this ain't a relationship, this is BLOGGING - pure, unadulterated blogging!!!! And it's not easy to think of ideas every now and then, mind you.

I started this blog because I was bored one fine evening six months ago and I just wanted to have a venue where I can write my thoughts - sometimes perverse, sometimes emotional, most of the time blah but nevertheless 100% real.

I am no writer. I don't make sense sometimes (okay, correction: most of the time). My English is comprehensible but flawed. I sometimes get confused about my subject-verb agreements and my tenses. Haha! But regardless of these things, it is my passion to write and to share my thoughts that has made me rise above it all.

I have met people because of this blog. I have forged friendships with some and have been social acquiantances (see I cant even spell it right! Haha) with the rest. I love that I learn new things from these people, new words (soliloquy and superfluous are at the top of the list! LOL), new catch phrases. And I can only hope that my unpure thoughts have also made their lives, your lives, happier, hotter and sleazier. Haha! Can't help it.

Please keep the emails and the comments coming because I learn a lot from you as much as you learn a lot from me and my twisted, unpure life. From the bottom of my unpure heart, thank you! :)

Cheers to more unpure articles! Happy 6th month-sary to me!

 Six fcuks, errr pack pala,  for my 6th month! Kampay! *hahahaha*

The Unpure One,



grumpyurbanslacker said...


this calls for a celeb....let's go try that newly relaunched Manila Beer (all-malt daw)!!!

-=K=- said...

Thanks GUS! Sure! May subzero ba nun? Let's! But you don't drink, right? Hehehe!

Don Dee said...

I am glad to have added one word to your vocabulary. :)

You avid follower in hiding,

-=K=- said...

LOL, in hiding talaga. Parang secret relationship lang. Haha!

Don Dee said...

Hehehe... sorry for the security precautions. Battling the mafia and all has got me paranoid. :)

Enjoy your happy sex-th, este, sixth month anniversary.

Will drink one tonight to the tune of "tern arawn... every now and den..."

Still in hiding...

Anonymous said...

Wow, six months. Here's to the next six years!

Your blogs have brought me countless smiles on cheerless days and many a warm thought to hold the desolation of night at bay. They are like golden rays in the morning, at once ethereal and earthy, to a garden starved for sunshine.

Taena, carried away ako a.


-=K=- said...

Wow ethereal na, earthy pa. Grabe naman yan. Haha! :) Thanks!

Nimmy said...

cheers ate khai!!! wishing you more countries to conquer and more unpure thoughts to share :)