Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm no Superwoman after all

I'm sick! Ugh. I hate getting sick. I hate drinking meds. Life's too short to spend my days in bed, being sick.

I'm a closet masochist. I sometimes like to see how far I could push my body to the limit. I went to work 8PM Friday night.

I eat alot of junk at work to keep me awake all night long!

And then I got off work 5AM, Saturday. I went home, took a shower and rested for a bit then went to school for my 7:30AM class.

Cute ng hardbound notebook ko no? I had it customized to show my inital! LOL! National Bookstore ran out of Juday/Piolo notebooks that's why I just settled for this. Hehe!

I went about my business but I was already feeling sick that time. I was only trying to dismiss  it because I was having fun in school... It was nice to be with friends and classmates again after the 2 months-summer break. My class was until 4pm. Whew!

I got home around 6pm with a slight headache. I decided to sleep it off because I needed to wake up early for our beach outing the following day.

I woke up 5am, Sunday with a stuffy nose and a terrible headache. :( Took meds and hoped that I will turn out okay during the rest of the day.

My friends and I trooped to Subic for one last summer hoorah. It was a 2-hour drive and I just slept the whole time, hoping that it will help alleviate my condition.

Ayan, pa-beach beach pa kase.. LOL!

I forgot for a while that I was feeling sick because I was in the company of good friends. Plus the weather was good. Everything seemed purrfect!

Ang lakas ng alon, grabe! :)

May sakit na nga nakuha pang mag-pose. Tsk tsk tsk!

I took this shot, nice right?

I had a very busy weekend, with barely enough sleep, that's why I feel like shit Monday morning. Sigh. Now I'm taking antibiotics and meds for my cough and colds. I'm no superwoman after all.

Hope everyone's having a better week than I am! Stay dry, ok?




Leo said...

awwww... saya naman ng GQA, nagsummer get-away sa Subic! miss you all. send my regards to the rest of the team. at khacai, you need to rest. sayang ang ganda kung sakitin ka naman.

-=K=- said...

I will, we miss you =( See you soon ha? Yes, mag rerest ako ng madame. :) Bisitahen kita sa Mckinley. Pakainen moko ng cupcakes by Sonja. Hehe!

Micamics said...

Andame mo masyado gusto gawin sa buhay kase.. isa- isa lng! :D

-=K=- said...

Ndi pwedeng isa isa lang, dapat sabay sabay! The more, the merrier! LOL!

Don Dee said...

I am right now "stationed" about an hour away from SBMA. I am here almost every week (because of my job). The next time you are around these parts, let me know. I shall stalk you. Bwahahahaha.

Take better care of yourself -=K=-

-=K=- said...

wow Double D you're everywhere!! I wanted to go sa Ocean Adventure and sa Zoobic safari kaso wala akong pera eh. Haha! Next time.

Anonymous said...

Ang daya nyo K, Don Dee, next time sama naman ako. Kasi tuwing nagra-ride kami sa Subic, ang bilis lagi. Nasa Subic pa ang sikmura ko e yung bike ko nakabalik na sa Makati. Hahaha!

Don Dee said...

Sige. Kung merong holiday within the week, pasyal kayo dun. I am usually there Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon (Zambales proper). I call Pier One my hangout. :)