Monday, June 7, 2010

When One Tongue Just Isn't Enough!

I have been love-less for a couple of months now and as much as I would like to be more frisky and adventurous and do random bed-hoppings, I find that my unpure soul is not so un-pure after all. LOL. I am the modern-day prudish whore. (You know, the all-bark-no-bite type.) Hehehehe! So, what to do in times when you need to scratch your itch?

Hold on to your seats, all you single ladies out there. The best is yet to cum errrrr come! =P

Let me introduce you to the......

*Drumrolls please*

Squeal with the SQWEEL

Sqweel Wheel. Yes, you read it right! It sounds very Cirque de Soleil I know but it's not as complicated and circus-y as you think it is. This is a rotating toy made up of soft silicone flappers that is reminiscent to that of a human tongue! Just when you thought one tongue is enough, this lovely toy is composed of 10 (yes, you read that right! T-e-n) rotating tongues! Hitmewithyourbestshot! Hehehe!

The Design : Looks like a fan (for your fanny)

"It feels so human, it's almost eerie."

 How to Use the SQWEEL

 You just need three AAA batteries to get this thing going. It comes in three speed modes: slow, mid and hhhhhiiigggghhhh! Hehehe! This is cunnilingus at its finest. LOL! (Of course nothing beats the real thing, I know I know. But when the real thing is not available, then this can be considered as the next best thing.)

Is there a kind soul out there who can give me a SQWEEL this Christmas? 


I can't stop laughing.

The Unpure Squealer,


P.S. - The Sqweel is meant to be use on a woman's vajayjay and all other erogenous zones like the nips, the neck, etc. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT INSIDE THE ANUS! Just a friendly reminder. L.O.L!

[Source: here]


Don Dee said...

Just this once, you got me tongue-tied. :P

Anonymous said...

i was going to say something, it's on the tip of my tongue :))

Just out of curiosity, i am gonna go down the street to my friend's sex shop to look it up.

But i am an old-fashioned TNL, i prefer something that works without batteries. And i know for a fact that my tongue has the power of ten battery-driven ones, and my tongue can outlast them all!


And UPO, you are such a naughty girl!

i just love it. Keep it coming! Yes! yes! Yes!

PS: Love your new picture. This site keeps getting better. Makes me wish i were young again. Sigh.

It's all tongue in cheek, ok? :))


Anonymous said...

Kewl! Where do I get one? This just might be what the wife needs?