Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Surprising Studies about SEX!

Sex Makes You Smarter

While these studies are not conclusive for guaranteeing a brainier outcome, it appears that regular sexual activity may be good for your brain in more ways than one. In a Princeton study using adult male rats (rats and humans are genetically similar), researchers found that when they provided the rats with daily doses of sexual activity with receptive females, compared to virgin rats, they experienced brain cell growth and a rise in brain cell connections. In addition, the more sex the rats received, the less anxiety (stress hormone damage) they experienced in life, suggesting sex may be healthy for the brain’s longevity.

Wednesday is Not the True Hump Day

According to various surveys, Tuesday is the day most people like to get things done. This leaves little time for fooling around, which is why Tuesday is a bad day for sex. Wednesdays are a good day for a first date, according to surveys, but it is Thursday that is the best day to get it on. According to a recent study, Thursday offers an advantage over any other day, because of synchronized hormone levels between the sexes. In other words, we both have sex on the brain. To this news, I hereby nominate Thursday our new official hump day!


According to research, initiating sex during sleep occurs in 7.6 percent of the population, and while some researchers like to classify this as a sleep disorder, many partners are certainly not complaining.

Any of my readers/friends suffering from Sexsomnia? I want to know! :) Hehehehe!

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[source: here]

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Nice. Thanks for sharing. Lol

khantotantra said...

ganda ng mga new knowledge about sex :p eheheh

Sean said...

magandang i-rason yang pagtulong ng sex sa pagiging matalino. hmmm...

SpiderHam said...

i like this post a lot.
more good reasons to do the deed~

Anonymous said...

bsta kapag sex ang daming nalalaman. hahaha


Don Dee said...

Who does these studies? Why? Who funds it? I don't believe any of it. I do my own research.