Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 6 of the 14-Day Challenge

Remember when I told you I received a mystery package in the mail last week, right?

Mystery Hair Care Brand

The cat's finally out of the bag because the Mystery Hair Care Pack is none other than PANTENE!

I started using the product a couple of days ago. And I really love the smell of the shampoo! When I opened the bottle, it reminded me of nice memories when I was little. The shampoo smells like this melon candy I used to eat way back in Elementary. The scent is not entirely fruity, but just the right hint of sweetness to make your guy go gaga over you when he catches the scent of your hair.

What about the conditioner? Hmmm, the conditioner doesn't have the same scent as the shampoo. It smells okay but not as awesome. I still love the conditioner though despite the fact that the smell doesn't follow you. Here's why:

My hair is short but when I feel tired at work, I usually tie my hair in a bun so I can massage the stressed muscles at the back of my neck.

So when I un-tie it after 8 hours, I look like a mess! Hair's curled every which way! UGH!


And it's not just messy and curly, it's also full of tangles. Probably because I have a weird way of tying my hair. When I started using the conditioner, I can feel that my hair has less tangles - whether it's wet or dry. There's no major improvement in my hair texture yet, c'mon, cut it some slack, it's only been 6 days. LOL! But the minor changes that I can see as early as now is that it's bouncier and it's softer to the touch.

I will continue using PANTENE in the next few weeks in the hopes that I can see better results when it comes to hair texture and elasticity.

PANTENE Hair Care products

One more day to go before the week is over, yeheyyyyy! It's raining outside, hope everyone's safe and dry!

The Unpure One,


DISCLAIMER : This is not a paid ad. The blog owner is not in any way connected to P&G. The review expressed by the blog owner is solely for the purpose of doing a product review - no hidden agendas involved (LOL). Just like PANTENE's famous tag line - YOU TRY, YOU DECIDE! :-)


kikilabotz said...

pwede rin po ba ako mag pantene? ^_^

mmdc7 said...

i'm very satisfied with pantene shampoo and conditioner.. been using pantene for more than a year. I like their new packaging design. ;)

Vajarl said...

The only reason why I sometimes envy girls is how they get to wear huge amounts of hair and be able to go crazy with it.

I would very much like to have mine dyed white. Holymotherofshit biggest frustration.

fido_525 said...

ang galing mo talaga sis ha! paid advertiser na naman ba ang pantene? post naman ako advertisement ko dito ha..hehe

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted a disclaimer at your blog post; i've heard rumors that some bloggers were paid cash to write about the 14-day challenge in their respective blogs :D

sayang, hindi ka naambunan!! hahaha

-anonymous, pero you know me :D

-=K=- said...

Marvs - sige gumamit ka ng Pantene. Hehe!

MMDC - ako I like the Hair Fall Control variant. :) You?

Vajarl - You like to have your hair dyed white? WOW. Ndi na salt and pepper tawag dun. Salt and Salt nalang, lol.

May - ano ipapa-ad mo? Hahaha!

Anonymous - ok lang. I put a premium kase on my integrity and credibility as a blogger! Hahahaha, as if! :D