Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Of Blacks and Self-Timers...

I don't shop often. But when I do, I usually buy clothes in vibrant shades. The colorful, the better.  Sometimes I think I look like a walking crayola, hahaha! Colors make me happy. My clothes are a reflection of who I am - playful, moody, full of life.  When I feel down, I wear my red pumps and I splash the reddest shade of red on my lips. It's my usual pick-me-up.  When I feel girly, I wear pink.  When I am feeling cheerful, I wear yellow pants. Hehe!

I was rummaging through my cabinet (closet pag mayaman, pag mahirap cabinet ang tawag, haha!)  today because I was looking for an old dress I havent worn for quite sometime and I noticed that there have been a few pieces of clothing that I havent taken much attention. Maybe because I just don't feel like wearing them at the time I bought them. Or maybe because they were in black. Period.

I tried them on to see if I'd feel any different. And you know what, I feel like black's my long-lost pal! It's like black and I have met somewhere before and we have recently been re-acquainted. Hehe. I still feel like I'm the vibrant, cheerful me. But with a little more pizzazz and sophistication. (Sophistication daw oh! LOL)

At dahil dyan, ilalabas ko na lahat ng mga black kong damet at sila ay gagawen kong pambahay. LOL! My tastes in everything evolve through time. My taste in style, in men (insert BIG question mark), in major life-decisions have developed as I grew older. Have they become better? Or have they become worse? Hahaha, that's the big question.

 How about you, what's your favorite color?

The Unpure One,



Leo said...

i love the color yellow!

i must say, the color black should be your bestest friend! :)

you look smashingly awesome.

kay said...

I like green, blue, purple and red. But when I want to look thinner, BLACK is always the choice.

khantotantra said...

green ang fave color ko pero sa damit, nagiging yellow or blue. ahahaha.

bagay sau yang black dress. seksi :D