Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great day!

I slept early last night. 8pm pa lang tulog nako. Sarapppppppp matulog! And then I woke up around 1am because I had a very weird wet dream. Someone was ..... on me daw. But when I woke up, wala naman. Boooo!!! So I just went back to sleep while singing "All By Myself". Hahaha.

And then my alarm went off around 5am. I showered, ate light breakfast and then dressed up for work. I'm wearing my new top today. I feel really good. Maybe because I slept early last night, or maybe because I had a very vivid dream (LOL), or maybe because I'm wearing new clothes.

Ah basta, I feel that something good will happen to me today. *wink*

O sya, it's almost 6AM. Gotta run! I don't want to get stuck in traffic in Edsa!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

The Unpure One,



Nimmy said...

eee. ikaw na may tag na How to Give a Woman an Orgasm. hahaha.

enjoy your day ate khai! :)

Coleman said...


khantotantra said...

hala... kulit lang ng exp. nung magising ka nung madaling araw... scary na sexy. ahahah

MG said...

sino b yung napanaginipan mo? hahahaha. natawa ako dun. huhulaan ko ginawa mo sa shower room. bwahahaha. joke..

Anonymous said...

i had a great tuesday yesterday, because i got to spend time with someone special. :-)