Saturday, August 20, 2011


I love vegetables. There are days when I crave for nothing but veggies. My favorite vegetables are OKRA (because it is slimy when you pop it! It reminds me of something, haha!), AMPALAYA (because it is bitter and long and it has cute jagged ridges! Again, it reminds me of something, LOL!) and POTATOES. Speaking of potato, here's my favorite patatas joke of all time --

Two wives are buying vegetables in the palengke:
Wife 1: Mare, pag nakakakita ako ng potato, naiisip ko itlog ng mister ko!
Wife 2: Bakit? Ganyan ba kalaki?
Wife 1: Hindi! Ganyan siya kadumi!

I have a new addition to my list of favorite veggies - The CUCUMBER! Wait, is cucumber a vegetable? I don't feel like googling about it today but I'm almost (Operative word: ALMOST, lol)  sure that it is classified as a vegetable. Hehe.

Cool as Cucumber - P95

I went to this restaurant that serves the coolest Cucumber concoction! And the drink is aptly called - "Cool as Cucumber". It's a mixture of anything and everything nice. Hahahaha! (Wala akong kwenta magdescribe noh? LOL)

The name of the restaurant is CERCHIO. It's in Tomas Morato - right at the corner where Don Hen is located.

I honestly do not know how it is pronounced because I never bothered to ask any of the waiters. Hmmmm... Anyway, I am no designer but I like the interior of the place. There arent alot of visual distractions in the restaurant so you can focus on your food, your date or whoever it is that you're with, hehe! 

Minimalist Appeal

Here's what I ordered --

Pork Sisig - P230

Ang walang kamatayang Sisig. BOW. I liked how they plated the sisig. It was served in a bunch of three and each had a sunny-side-up quail egg on top! Hehehehe! I like my sisig crunchy and dry so I was a bit bummed out when I tasted mayonnaise in their sisig. It still tasted good but it would have tasted better sans the mayo.

Next up, KARE-KARE! Their Kare-kare more than made up for my not-so-heartening-sisig-experience.  There are only three ways I want to die

(1) I want to die peacefully in my sleep 
(2) death by erotic asphyxiation 
(3) I want to die by eating too much of this Kare-kare.

Yes, that's how much I loved their Kare-kare! Buwis-buhay ang lasa! Hahahaha! The peanut sauce was not too sweet and the pork and towels (tuwalya, haha!) were super tenderrrrr! 
Grilled Kare-kare - P450

There are still alot of other interesting food to try in their menu, unfortunately, my stomach can only hold so much wonderful gastronomic treats. But I will be back for sure. Again. And Again. Hehe.

And oh, last but not the least, they get 1,000 pogi points for having a big and clean restroom. =) 

If you guys want to try it out, here's their address :

#76 Scout Limbaga Street
T. Morato, Quezon City

Have a happy weekend!!!!!



Nimmy said...

i've been there once. bongga ang wine dyan teh! :D

glentot said...

Enjoy ka sa okra and ampalaya because they remind you of something? Hmmmm I'm wondering gusto mo rin ng upo...

dwizzt said...

haven't been here for a while... heheheeh..natawa ako dun sa patatas joke mo. :D

anyway, take good care K :)

Karl said...

that resto wall looks very nice. ok sigurong bedroom wall din yan. drink moderately...