Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend Tales: Bawai's Vietnamese Restaurant

My friend and I headed to Tagaytay two Saturdays ago to have lunch. It was a foggy and rainy trip because there was a typhoon that day.

Bad timing, I know. But we already planned it days before that's why we wanted to push through - rain or shine.

I looooove Vietnamese food! When I went to Vietnam last year (click here), I did nothing but eat eat and eat! Because seriously, there's nothing that you can do in Vietnam except that. Hahahahaha! Everything that I ate when I was there was delicious! Kahit sa restaurant, kahit sa kanto-kanto - lahat masarap! =)

So when my friend invited me to have Vietnamese lunch in Tagaytay, I said yes right away!


If you want to have lunch at Bawai's, you have to allot about 1 1/2 to 2 hours travel time if you're coming from Quezon City. The place is hard to find so make sure that you call them prior to your actual visit so you can get instructions from the owner.

Actually, you really need to call them beforehand because they don't accept walk-ins. You need to make reservations and place your order (from what I know, the place is open only on weekends).  The owner is very nice and accomodating so you can just ask them for their highly recommended dishes.

I didnt take too much pictures because I was too busy eating all the sumptuous treats before me.

We ordered the usual Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Shrimp Sticks, Pho and Pork. 

"Heart Attack waiting to happen"... hahaha! But 'twas worth it! :)

 Shrimp Sticks.. I forgot what they call it on the menu but this one's my favorite. I only remembered to take a picture of this when it was down to the last bite. Hahaha! 5pcs sya when you  order this.

Ubos na! Hahahahaha! Grabe, I ate so much that day my tummy didnt have enough room for dessert. Sayang! :)

It started to drizzle when we were about to have lunch. The sky's dark, the leaves were rustling and there was a violin instrumental playing in the background. Perfect! Kulang na lang kumot at unan, heaven na heaven na talaga! Hahahahahaha!

The weather that day was conducive for sleeping! Gusto ko na dapat matulog sa couch nila.

It's a nice place to bring your friends and family for a quiet and relaxed lunch or dinner.
The Unpure One,

Contact# 0920-9722924
Bawai's facebook page - click here



khantotantra said...

kung mapupunta ako sa tagaytay, sana makakain ako dito

an_indecent_mind said...

nagutom ako bigla!

ngayon lang ulit ako napapasok dito ah?? musta na ba?