Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love eating eggs! I want them salty and oily (and not hairy please)! Hahaha! 

But wait, it's not the kind of egg that you are thinking of, you silly you! I woke up early today, as in 5AM early. I was asleep for more than 12 hours that I haven't had the chance to eat dinner. SO you can just imagine how hungry I was when I woke up this morning. Since it was still early and I was still a bit lazy to cook, I raided my ref for something that's breakfast-worthy and can be had without cooking.

Hmmmmm, there's potatos, carrots, some green leafy veggie which I don't know what it's called, pork, a pack of mixed veggies, a pack of corn kernels and a few pieces of salted eggs (or popularly known as "Itlog na Pula").

Thank God for salted eggs! It saved my day! :) At least all I had to do was to pair these eggs with my left-over rice from yesterday and voila, my hunger worries were solved.  Every household should have at least a few stash of these lovely eggs in their shelf.  It's the ultimate food to eat especially when you pair it with tomatoes and vinegar! Yum yum yum!

Since we are already in the discussion of these yummy eggs, another one of my fave is the 'Balut' or popularly known as the 'Baluuuuuuuut'! LOL! A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell.  Sounds 'Fear Factor'-ish? Of course not! Almost every Filipino have eaten Baluts at one point in their lives. And  I am sure that most foreigners who went here in the country also have their Balut stories to share. Hehehe.

Others find their Balut experience appetizing while some find it traumatizing. Well, to each his own. As for me, I like to eat it with salt and vinegar. And mind you, unlike some who just eat the yellow part and throw away the embryo, I devour everything! Yum! (Excluding the shell, of course. LOL)

Do you have a Balut story you want to share?

The Unpure Egg-Buster,


P.S.: I tried eating adobong Balut once but I didn't like it.


Leo said...

the last time i ate balut was 9 years ago. i'd like penoy better though. :)

Nimrod said...

i enjoy the juice and the yellow thingy. not much the others. hihi

Anonymous said...

dropping by.

i enjoyed reading your naughty* blog.

i will come back.


Don Dee said...

I saw the balut challenge in (the US version of) FEAR FACTOR. The segment made me hungry. LOL.

BTW, thanks for adding my mungo as one of your stalked blogs. :)

Fine Life Folk said...

Oh yeah, patok rin sa kin tong itlog na pula meal with cut tomatoes. especially when umuulan.

Anonymous said...

On salted eggs:

A NEGOSIYETE manual I once read claimed there were two techniques of brining salted eggs. One was to bury it in clay (dirt ha, not the plasticine toy). The other was to bury it in salted water (brine). The red color was put there for identification, not because of irritation.

I got another thing to say about itlog na pula. When they're good, they're very good. Pero when they're bad, mumrahin mo yung nagtinda sa iyo nito.

Thanks for visiting my blog ha.