Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey! Hey!

Hey there! My internet at home's busted so I am just getting illegal wifi from the office. Lol! Kidding. I haven't posted for the longest time because on top of my crappy connection at home, I've been down with the flu the past couple of days! Ugh!

I miss blogging. I am so bored at home that it makes me want to eat my own hair. Hahaha! I've just been eating (mostly in bed)and sleeping the past few days. With the internet gone, my only source of entertainment is cable tv. Lol. I am a NatGeo junkie! It takes up 50% of my TV time. The rest is split among teeny-bopper romance dramas,Tagalog teleseryes and Wowowee! Hahaha! Yes, I love watching that infamous noontime show!

My internet connection will be fixed this weekend. Until then, I'll have these shows give me temporary amusement. Have a pleasant day everyone!

1 comment:

Leo said...

i like american planet! NatGeo bores me sometimes. good thing you're well now. i was sick for two days, and worst, i have to be in the office.