Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Girl on a Good Friday

Holy Week is a big thing here in the Philippines - thanks to the Spaniards who brought Catholicism in Asia.  There are some who go to great lengths by having themselves crucified on the cross reminiscent of what Jesus Christ did ages ago. There are also these so-called "flagellants", who strip themselves naked (or usually just from the waist up) and walk barefoot while whipping themselves until they bleed.

For most, they observe fasting on Good Friday.  Since I don't want to have myself crucified (LOL) nor whipped (at least not of the flagellant kind), the least I can do is to abstain from eating.  I eat alot on most days but since it's Good Friday, and I am a Good Girl (hahahaha), fasting is the only way to go!

I ate nothing but peanuts and water the whole day. Hehe. Yeah I know most people do not eat anything at all, but of course, you have to cut me some slack! :)

Trying to be pure even just for a day,


P.S.: I ate ripe mangoes too! LOL!
P.P.S.: What did you do in observance of the Holy Week?

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