Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Life as a Hostess

 According to my beloved Wikipedia:

"Hostesses are generally hired for their looks and/or personality. Hostesses light cigarettes, pour drinks, offer flirtatious conversation, and sing karaoke in an effort to keep the customers entertained. Hostesses can be seen as the modern counterpart of geishas, providing entertainment to groups of salarymen after work."

Ooooopppps, wait a minute! I think I pasted the wrong definition! Hehe! Like how in the world can I ever become a club hostess with my non-existent boobies! *hahahahaha!*  (Yeah, I can all see you nodding your heads in agreement! TSK TSK! Meanies! I hate choo all!) 

My hosting career (naks! As if!) started way back 2007.  I was bored and I was thinking of ways on how to earn money - the decent way! I mean, I  could always peddle my wares but of course, age and gravity has taken its toll on me that I just couldn't pass to be a modern-day geisha anymore. Hahaha! 

The pay is good and the work is lucrative but it's also physically demanding at times.  You see, I live in the great North and most of my hosting stints were held in the Sosyalen South (mostly in the Fort-Alabang area).  I love hosting themed kiddie parties because I like wearing different costumes.  It's cute and fun! And it's nice to see all the kids donning cute get-ups. Weeeeee! I love it! It's a nice feeling when kids laugh at you and with you. There were also moments when they become super hyper that I can't get them to follow my instructions but it's all about having fun so I let them be.

I haven't had any of these frivolous parties growing up so it's fun to experience it vicariously through these kids.  It's super fun! There was even a time that I had to wear an Elmo costume in a kiddie party in The Fort. It was sooooo cute on me. The Thin Elmo, that was what they called me. Hehe! It was crazyyyyyy!

But most of the time they request me to dress up as a Disney princess. And it's cute. I feel young and virginal (?!) and dainty all over again.  Wait, let me show you some pictures from my hosting days :D (Of course I won't show you my Elmo pics. Haha!)

In Bubba Gump, Greenbelt.. This kid looked super cute! I couldn't resist not taking a picture with her. :D

 Hosted a Halloween event at the Makati Sports Club. I looked scary in this pic! LOL :p

In SM Southmall

 As Wonderwoman in a kiddie party at The Rockwell Club (Had to crop it as I was wearing the legendary blue and white short shorts and boots! Hahahaha)

Dad's in Alabang Town Center (nope, i'm not singing! Hehe!)

I haven't had any embarrassing hosting booboos during my kiddie-party-hosting days.  There were times when the kids were rowdy and they would embrace me and shower me with sloppy, wet kisses but I haven't tripped nor fell off the stage. Thank Goodness! :) 

But of course, I spoke too soon! I was asked to host an office event (read: OFFICE event..haha) last year and that was when the unfortunate event happened... (why oh why did it have to happen in front of my officemates! Talk about wrong timing.... LOL!)

I don't know what happened but I fell off the stage right when I was interviewing someone. Haha. I didn't dive or anything but I tripped nonetheless! In my 3 1/2 inch silver stilettos! Ouch! Of course, the show had to go on! Duh! What did you think I did? Cried? Feigned to be dizzy? Na-ah! I got up and went back on stage and continued on with my spiel like nothing happened. Haha! My ankles were bandaged and I had to wear slippers for a week because it swelled real bad! TSK! 

Hosting is super fun! If not for my weekend classes, I would still do it until now but of course, I am no Wonderwoman. 

P.S.: Nope, I don't do stag parties. Sorry. Hehe!

The Unpure Hostess,


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