Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm taking my clothes off (and I'm loving it!)

.... and yeah, that's just a metaphor, you perv!

I started this blog mainly because I wanted a space where I can just be my sweet, charming and naughty self.  I am such a forgetful f@ck (much like Dory in 'Finding Nemo'), that I sometimes forget special dates, special moments.. And writing about them somehow immortalizes the feelings, the people, the events.

I am never ashamed of my thoughts - unpure or otherwise; because it is these very thoughts that make me unique.  I maybe a little perv for a woman my age, a little daring, a little brazen in the eyes of the conservative, a little risque. Yes, I am a little bit of all that and more. :)

I will never tire of writing my thoughts down because as much as I love reading them, I know that you too have grown accustomed to my unpure-ly charms.  As much as you hate to admit, I'm the type of perv that grows on you. Hahaha!

So stay, read, enjoy, and watch me in my various state of undress.

Unpure-ly yours,



Anonymous said...


In da picture, statue or s' dat you? Was that a pun?

i hope s' dat you?

Let's put up a sign: "Dangerous Curves."

But i am truly impressed. You are one of a kind.

Go girl, hahahaha! :)

-=K=- said...

Anonymous - I dont know, you tell me. Do you think that's me? LOL!

Anonymous said...

i think it is you. i hope it is.

Ang ganda. Walang malisya. Lol.

Anonymous said...

you got a fan here. You are so cool! love your thoughts! - Wideyed Sanctified.