Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice In Wonderland: NOT a movie review

I have never been a fan of  fantasy or adventure films... I never watched any of the Harry Potter movies (he looks gay to me), heck, I never even watched any of the Star Trek series (though I think I did watch one LOTR movie - and yes, I did not like it).  I don't know why, but the thought of watching creatures that aren't supposed to talk but still do, doesn't appeal to me. I hate watching make-believe creatures acting so humanly. (Well, to the exception of Puss in Boots in SHREK.. LOL!)

I'm weird, right? I'd much rather prefer watching real-life stories of drama, victory, tragedy or whatever than sit my way through 2 hours of make-believe sh!t! I'd rather watch porn! Hell yeah! :) But this weekend was different. My friend and I trooped to the mall to watch Alice In Wonderland in 3D. So what made me go and watch it? Well, for one I was bored at home and I needed a change of environment and second, she said it's gonna be her treat and third, I was being a good friend (yeah right!). So off to the mall we went.  I like eating inside the cinema so what I did was I ordered burger and fries and vanilla icecream for myself.  My friend on the other hand ordered fries and icecream and lots of donutsssss. Yeah, it was a pigfest-slash-movie date. LOL!

The film had me laughing at several cute-sy moments. Especially during the parts where there's Tweedledum and Tweedledee (they are the fat twins in the poster). I loooooveeeee them! I find them cute! :) What I like about the film is that it appeals to both the young and the old. The characters are so fun to look at. I never really liked the character of the Mad Hatter but Johnny Depp portrayed the role so well that I found myself falling in love with him in several parts of the film. LOL! I was hoping that Alice will stay in Underland and the two of them will fall in love with each other. But of course, that did not happen, much to my dismay! After all, the movie wasn't built for romance. Another character that I fancy is that of the Caterpillar. He sounds so profound and so wise for such small a creature. And he looked so cool smoking the hookah! Hehe!

 My friend, M, and moi

Tim Burton didn't disappoint. For someone who doesn't fancy fantasy films, I kinda like this one. I'd give it one-thumb up (the other thumb I'd stick up the ass of that old lady who kept on talking through most of the film)!

The Unpure Moviegoer,


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neckromancer said...

If you can have it, try watching Nightmare Before Christmas. :)