Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey hey hey! Just sending a quick hello to everyone who never fail to visit. :) I checked my stats earlier and most of my referrals come from topblogs. I'm currently #6 in Blogs on Sex. Hahaha, wtf? All the while I thought that this blog screams purity, chastity and all of that girly, virginal stuff. Hehehe. Ndi pala. LOL.

But anyway, thanks for always dropping by my blog even if I don't post that much lately.

23 days to go before Christmas! Hope everyone's just about done with their holiday shopping!

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...

next time, kaw na no.1 :P

magandang pamasko sa iyo un:D

the watcher said...

ikaw nga ang idol ko eh. hehehehe . apir