Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Tales: My Sashimi Experience

I had a super fun Saturday with good friends. I drank a lot of booze that night so I had a major hang-over the following day - splitting head-ache and an upset stomach. Ugh. Bad combo!

I was just planning to stay home and rest the whole Sunday but a friend asked me out for dinner. I wasn't really in the mood to go out but my friend was so persistent that I eventually gave in. I wasn't in the mood to dress up too so I just went out in shorts and sando. Haha, parang pupunta lang sa kanto. LOL.

I thought we were just going somewhere near my place but my friend decided to bring me to Ayala Triangle Gardens since I've been raving about how much I wanted to see the lights and sound show. Had I known that we were going to Makati, I would've dressed to the nines. Hahahah, arte lang! Anyway, we arrived there by 9pm and there were alot of people in the area. We didn't catch the show because it's only from 6 to 8 in the evening. Bummer! I was in the mood to eat chicken rice in Wee Nam Kee that night but the restaurant was packed! As in super dame ng taoBlockbuster sa pila! Hehe.  Because I was already super hungry and I didn't want to wait in line, we just decided to eat in Omakase.

I really don't like eating anything raw. Well, except for *toot toot*.... Hahahahahah! I eat Kinilaw but I don't think I can consider it as raw since the fish has already been cooked in vinegar. So anyway, my friend dared me to eat sashimi and I was his willing victim that night. Hehe. He took pictures para daw I have memories of my first Sashimi experience. LOL!

Ewwwww hilaw!

I ordered Coke and Tamago soup too so that I can have something to wash down the gooey after-taste of the sashimi. :) Madaya ako e! Hehehe.

And now for the main part... Kikoman, check. Wasabi, check. Calamansi, check. My friend kept assuring me that the fish looked fresh so there's nothing to be yucky about.
Did I like it? Uhmmmmm, well.... you know the saying right - "A picture paints a thousand words." Hehehehe!

I can't remember the names of what we ordered for dinner. Nawala ako sa wisyo dahil sa pagkain ng hilaw na isda. I'm not cut out to live the sosyal life. Syet. Hahahaha! Basta dinner consisted of salmon and chicken. Both dishes were cooked to perfection. Hehe.

After dinner, I wanted to take pictures of the lights around the triangle but by the time we got out of the resto, all the lights were out already! Waaaaaaaaaa! Napakamalas ko naman talaga. They turn off the lights by 10pm, said the guards. Oh well, will just come back there next time.

Since we still didn't want to leave, we just goofed around the place. My friend gave me another dare. He dared me to strut a super-jologs pose. Opkors I was game for it. Pose lang pala e. :)

After that, we went to Starbucks in Greenbelt to people-watch while drinking coffee.

Tapos nung nandun kame, there was this woman who made a scene because she said that one of the guards daw in Starbucks was being rude to her. As in she was screaming like crazy. Sayang I didn't capture it. It's in times like this when I wish I had a Flip Mino. Hahahaha! So I can capture everything in HD.

Babae : Napakabastos mo! Bakit sino ka ba? Guard ka lang dito ah!
Guard : no comment.
Babae : Lagi ako nagpupunta dito tapos lagi moko ginaganyan. Bakit, crush mo ba ko?!
(natawa ko nung sinabe 'to ni Ate. Muntik ko na mabuga yung kape ko pero syempre quiet lang ako kase baka ako naman ang awayen nia, Hehehehe.)
Guard : (went inside the stockroom para maka-iwas sa gulo)
Babae : Gusto ko makausap yung manager niyo! Hindi ako nahihiya! Sisigaw ako kung gusto ko!

Yehey! Ang saya :) Sayang talaga wala akong dalang video recorder. Hehehehehe!

How'd your weekend go? May na-witness din ba kayong away sa kalye? :)

The Unpure One,



Ex Jason said...

Ayos lang ang hang over at sirang tiyan. It's a small price to pay.

At nakakatuwa si ateng nagwawala. Nag uumapaw sa class at finesse.

Anonymous said...

parang gusto kong nakawin yung 3rd pic mo. hahaha

Don Dee said...

Mmmmm... sashimi.... yummmmy...

Dapat pala nag-post-fight interview ka. As a blogger, it was your duty! Ano ka ba?