Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Murang Gloria!

I define my life in the same sense that I define the things that make me happy. I always strive to have a positive outlook about everything even when it seems that there isn’t anything positive about it anymore.

I was having a rough day a couple of weeks ago so I decided to hit the mall. And of course, nothing can catch my attention more than a big red sign on the department store that screams the word “SALE”. Wooopppeeee!!!! It’s like sipping an iced-cold can of Coca-cola after roughing it out in the gym... Or seeing a half-naked Gerard Butler waiting for me in my bedroom! Double wooopppeeee! (You don’t know who he is? Click here)... Ika-pitong Gloria diba? Haha!

I went in to check out the goodies and to my delight, I saw a nice pair of pants. The downside was that it’s one size smaller than what I usually wear and when I asked the saleslady if they have it in my size, wala na daw! BUMMER!

I bought it anyway eventhough it’s a little bit tight in the crotch area. At P99, I wouldn’t mind sporting a bit of a cameltoe! Hahahahahaha!

So there you have it, ladies and gents, that’s my obligatory Holy Week post. LOL! Kala mo profound no? Hehehe! But seriously, what I’m trying to drive at is that happiness doesn’t need to be expensive.

To most parents, happiness means seeing the smile on their children’s faces. To most bachelors I know (and some married men too!), happiness is a few thousand bucks for 3hours of pleasure. Hahaha! But for me, I find joy in the simplest of things.

In a world full of catastrophes and rising price in gas and everything else, you got to find ways on how to be happy. Life is beautiful!

Ikaw, what gives you “Murang Gloria”?

Let’s all have a meaningful and muni-muni filled Holy week!

The Unpure One,


P.S. Do you know of establishments (restos/spas/bar/etc) that are open on Good Friday? Let me know please. Thanks!

1 comment: said...

kala ko may alam kang mura. LOL.

so ikaw na ang gusto magcamel toe. :P piz