Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

I didn't have work last Friday. Since it was a Good Friday, malls weren't open that day. Most bars and restaurants were also closed. So what I did was, I went to Bonifacio HighStreet to do the Station of the Cross.

I remember when I was a kid, my family used to troop to Grotto. We would squeeze ourselves in the sea of people who were also there for the same reason. Just lining up to get inside the pilgrimage site's already a penance in itself! Ang init, grabe!

It's a good thing that even in this modern times, there are still alot of people who observe tradition. The Stations of the Cross were strategically installed in the middle of HighStreet, right smack where all the restos and coffeeshops are located. The installations in every station are nicely done. There are activities that you can do in each station that will help you reflect about your life and your faith.

I will only post pictures of my favorite Stations because I do not want to overload you with pictures, hehe.

 This is the first installation. It's a frame composed of broken glass.

The message it wants to convey? "As you take a hard look at the shattered reflection, remember that even in your brokenness Jesus sees how beautiful you really are."

My next favorite station was this station where I got to experience what it's like to carry a wooden cross. I initially thought that they were just faux cross made of cardboard or something light. But I was wrong!

Mabigat talaga sya! Hehehe! Napasubo ako. LOL :)

And last but not the least, there's this Station where people were asked to write down prayers for themselves. After doing so, they need to put in inside the fishbowl. The catch is, after you write down your own prayer, you're asked to pick someone else's prayer in the fishbowl and pray for that person.

And here's what I got from the fishbowl. Medyo na-touch ako sa prayer nya for himself/herself --

I realized that I'm very lucky because the only major problem that I fuss about is my lovelife (hahaha! Babaw diba?). Unlike this person, na parang ang dame-dame nyang problema sa buhay =( I said a silent prayer for him/her and hoped that in my own little way, I've helped lighten his/her load.

Towards the end of the exhibit, you will be asked to think of a person who made the most impact in your life and you will be asked to write down a prayer for that person/s.

Can you find my prayer amongst the sea of prayers in the board?

At the end of the day, it does not matter where we spend Holy Week - be it at the beach, in your boyfriend's province or at home. It's all about reconnecting with our faith and believing that we are all brought into this world for a purpose.

Happy Easter everyone! :) Now, where can I go to do some Easter egg-hunting? Hahahahah.

The Unpure But Not So Unpure One,



Anonymous said...

Wish i could have visited and done the Stations of the Cross out there, too. Had no idea it would allow such depth of reflection, for a place of leisure.

Easter is supposed to be a time of resurrection, of starting all over again with new resolve. And maybe that's related to the purpose for which each of us was placed here on earth.

Thanks for writing a great blog.

Happy Easter!

ILY :-)

Sean said...

i wish i could've visited that place as well. interactive siya ha. happy easter khaye and i hope all your prayers are answered.

Marjorie said...

now this is unique, had i know that they do it differently in bonifacio i would have gone there too. i especially loved the writing of prayer thingy.