Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comic Relief

I am super swamped with work this week. Haha! I know I say that alot but this is really a busier week than usual. I have to finish my team's scorecard, complete a presentation for my Operations director and senior manager and complete a Business Review for my Program Director. On top of that I have trainings, synergy sessions and meetings to attend to.

It's times like this when I need to get really pumped up. Bawal ang mabagal at patanga-tanga, hahaha! I was browsing the web awhile ago because I wanted to relax my mind for a little bit and I stumbled on this picture. It made me laugh so hard that I thought it best to share. :))

I hope you are all having a busy and productive week ahead!

Okay, my break time's up. Have to get back to work.

The Unpure One,


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