Monday, June 18, 2012


I had a very good day. It started this afternoon when I had lunch with my family to celebrate Father's Day. My mom really makes an effort to prepare home-cooked meals during Sunday gatherings. But because it was Father's Day, she just decided to order food. Andameng food na naorder that we ate it for lunch and then the left-over we ate for dinner. Haha!

I spent the day bonding with my siblings, pamangkins and parents. My brother recently got promoted so everyone was happy and proud of him. I like how we all support each other. Nakakaaliw to be in a family where they treat your success as their success. My dad was a bit worried because super payat ko daw. Oh well, pressure from work plus lots of puyat really took a toll on me. But what can I do. Ganun talaga, hehe. My dad kept on telling me to eat more.

It was raining like crazy by the time we decided to go home. I have dinner plans with someone so when my brother learned that I will go to Morato, he insisted to drive for me. Sweet no? Maybe because it was really raining hard plus naawa sya kasi punit punit yung suot kong shorts. Haha!

When I was about to go down the car, my brother told me "Take care my little sis, alright?". Awwwww, too cute! Eventhoug Im old as a carabao, my family still sees me as a little girl. Cute beyond words!!!!

Dinner with my friend went great. Getting-to-know conversations are always fun! Ive sworn off dating after my last relationship. Maybe because Ive become more cautious and more guarded of my emotions. Pero lately, I'm back in the dating scene. Meeting new friends.. Going out with interesting people. I'm having a great time. :)

It's nice to feel appreciated and treated like you're the most beautiful person in the world. Lol! Cheesy. Haha. Dinners out, late-night conversations, telebabad to the max after spending the whole day together. Haha. I feel like I'm in highschool again. Lol!!!!!

Dating is fun because it opens a world of possibilities. I just wish that whoever I'll end up with will be as caring and as sweet as my daddy and brother. Wishful thinking! Hahaha!

Call me, maybe?

Lol! Arte!

Have a great start of the week, everyone!!!!


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