Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work-life Balance

Things at work has been reaalllyyyy crazy the past few weeks. We launched a couple of new projects plus I hired four additional people to join my team.

So the past few weeks have been nothing but training and mentoring and coaching and adjusting. I feel like I'm their work mom. Haha! Challenging pala maging nanay sa maraming anak. Lol!

To break the monotony of our never-ending work and reports and quotas and analysis, I treated my team to dinner last night. We just ate and laughed and we talked about other things aside from work. Yehey! Kakarelax!

I had a major food binge din last Saturday plus I had a massage to prepare me for another work week. Weekend is still 2 days awayyyyyy. I cannot wait for this week to end so I can catch up on my e-Books!

Hope everyone's having a productive week!!!

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The Gasoline Dude™ said...

I-hire mo nga ako kapag bumalik na ko ng Pinas. LOL