Monday, September 6, 2010

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

I went to Singapore last year with my college buddies and we visited some of the 'touristy' places in the area. One of which was the Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City.

The Fountain of Wealth (Chinese: 财富之泉) is listed by the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world. It is located in one of Singapore's largest shopping malls, Suntec City.

During certain periods of the day, the fountain is turned off and visitors are invited to walk around a mini fountain at the centre of the fountain's base for good luck. At night, the fountain is the setting for laser performances, as well as "live" song and laser message dedications between 8pm to 9pm daily. It is situated in such a way the fountain is the hub of the shopping mall. (source: wikipedia)

Yumaman na kaya yung porener na nasa likod ko?

Once you go near the fountain, you would see a small sign that would tell you what you need to do: Rumor has it that you need to go around the fountain three times with your hand touching the water for goodluck. I can't remember if you need to go clockwise or counter clockwise pero may ganung chorvaloo dun. Hehehe.

Parang may sirang tubo lang sa NAWASA noh? Hehehe

Dahil wala namang mawawala saken and I was there already, I decided to give it a try. I went around the fountain three times, just like what the sign said. It was noontime when we got to the place so you can just imagine how hot it was during that time. It was a good thing that the water from the fountain was cold.


It has already been a year since that day in the fountain. Did I become rich? Nope. Naging super duper wealthy ba ko after that incident? Hell no! But did I regret doing it? Of course not. If there's one thing that I learned from that experience is that it's taught me to hope. To hope for wonderful things to come. It may not be in the form of wealth, but it will be in the form of something that I will value and cherish. Health maybe. Or friends. Or in my case, love? (Hahaha, mushy na naman. LOL!)

People need to have a considerable (read: relative) amount of wealth to enjoy life. That is a fuck fact. But we shouldn't aim to have too much because we might end up neglecting all of the other things that make life worth-living. So what makes MY life worth-living? Hmmmmm... Let me count the ways:

1. The support of my friends. I am not blessed with a perfect life, that's why I am so thankful to my crazy yet caring friends for making my life bearable.
2. When my dad gives me the Sunday newspaper. That's his way of showing affection to me. He knows how much I love reading the news (especially the entertainment section, haha) that's why he never fails to buy newspaper on Sundays especially when he knows I'd pay them a visit. And his warm, genuine smile everytime I'd sleep in their bed. Priceless.

3. A kiss and an 'i love you' from my favorite niece. I know that I shouldn't play favorites but she's really the one closest to me! Hehe. She's the youngest amongst all my pamangkins and I love it when she hugs me and kisses me everytime I visit her - it makes me forget about my problems, even just for a day. :)

4. My mom's sermons about life and love. We recently had a talk about my life and she's given me good, practical advise about certain things. I am so thankful to have a mom as smart and as tough as her.

5. Quality time with my **SS. He cares for me like no one else does. The way he smiles at me, the way he reaches for my hand, the way he takes care of me. Hayyyyy. :-) I'll stop na before I make you guys puke because of my mushiness. Hahaha!

"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy." -- Garth Brooks

Have a great start of the week everyone! SMILE! :)

The Unpure One,


** Special Someone


Jag said...

Yun yun eh...hindi ka nagsisi kasi sinubukan ang mahalaga hehehe...makapunta nga dun next weekend. haha para namang ang dami kong pera. LOL

-=K=- said...

Jag - sama ko! Pakisundo naman ako ng jetplane mo! Hehehe! :)

Ex Jason said...

The things money can't buy. Nawa'y maging masagana tayo lahat sa ganoong yaman. For everything else, there's mastercard.

Makapunta nga din jan. Lol. Parang nasa kabilang kanto lang. said...

luma na pala tong trip mo. kala ko andito ka ngayon.

salamat pala sa pagbubulakbol sa bahay ko. ako'y naligayahan.

AdroidEnteng said...

wow astig naman nyan...sana makapunta din ako dyan...^_^

roanne said...

nakaikot na rin ako jan sa fountain of wealth na yan, 3 years ago, and yumaman ako!... sa kaibigan! nyahaha

mel of mmdc7 Online said...

nice post! ;)

Nimmy said...

ate khai! ikaw na talaga ang makati ang paa. gala ng gala. hihi

nice way of thinking ate! super GV ka talaga. pak na pak!

kikilabotz said...

wala ka namn ng sbado eh. hmmpp. ahahaha... gnda ng quotes gagawin ko ngang status yan

Jepoy said...

nice, nag singapore karin pala. Hindi maitago ang pag ka inlove ah. Cool!

glentot said...

Baka mas maswerte kapag tumalon ka sa fountain hehehe

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Wow ayos! pupunta din ako jan at jan ako bubusina. ganda ng background ng mga shots. lolz

devil_under_light said...

ikaw na ang may pang tour! ikaw! ikaw! ikaw!!! lagi nalang aq ang mali... ako! ako! ako!!! XD he he

E•M•O•T•E•R•A said...

wow! singapore! :D naman! punta rin ako jan someday! ang sarap maligo dun sa fountain ah.. walang water crisis sa country nila. hehehe
nagwish ka ba dun sa fountain? nagkatotoo na? sarap matry nyan ah. :) :)


Traveliztera said...

i'm happy you know the things which make your life worth living!!! a lot of people think that MONEY really is everything when it isn't.

hahhha para ngang may sirang tubo LOL

khantotantra said...

baka may kasamang orasyon habang umiikot ka 3x.

Pera, pera, pera,
Yayaman, yayaman, yayaman,
kaching, kaching, kaching


gesmunds said...

"to hope for wonderful things to come.." napangiti ako nun ah.. nice one!

I am Xprosaic said...

Nice! Parang di ka takot subukan ang kahit na anong trip... hehehhehehehe...

Napadalaw dito! hehehehhehe