Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Past Life

I have a friend who thinks she’s a princess in her past life because she’s drawn to all things gold and sparkly. She has a collection of gold bangles, gold (colored) shoes, and dresses with (fake) gold studs.

I have a friend who thinks she might have been a song writer in her past life because she’s musically inclined and she can remember the lyrics of a song even if she’s just heard it once.

I have a guy friend who thinks he’s a rabbit in his past life. Because rabbits are known to be….  You know the rest of the story. Hehehehe.


Well, feeling ko “bading” ako in my past life. And here are the reasons why :

1 – I love all things furry, frilly and colorful.
2 – I have a lot of gay friends and they love me to bits.
3 – I don’t have jugs. LOL!
4 – I don’t think Piolo Pascual is hot.
5 – I love watching gay porn, M-to-M is the bomb! Hehehe. 

How about you? What/who do you think were you in your past life?

The Unpure One,



Don Dee said...

Tom Cruise before he made that jumping on the couch scene atOprah. Oh wait, Tom is still alive.That can'tbe.

Nishiboy said...

wala na. naunahan na ako sa princess eh. choz.

i don't have a specific guess, but i was probably a girl. kasi sa itsura kong to eh ilang beses na akong natawag na "ma'am" or "miss". my past self may have been showing herself.

jobologist said...

natawa naman ako sa post na to .... feeling ko nung pastlife ko ako ay isang lambana...heheheh pasweet lang

gillboard said...

reason 5? Really?

feeling ko mas marami ka pa napanood sakin na ganun.


past life ko pornstar ako. wala lang. joke.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Mike Arieh Medina said...

Maybe I was a boxer...

I Love to watch Manny's fight over and over, I love boxer shorts and I think life is a box of chocolates, you'll never know...

or maybe I'm Forrest Gump.

nice to be here, unpure one.