Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tongue Twister!

I have a real job but because times are hard, I do 'rakets' on the side. I host birthday parties for kids. I love kids. I love it when I see them smile. And knowing that I made them smile makes me happy even more. I hosted a party in Ayala Alabang last December and the kids were super cute. Look at them --

May blonde, may brunette, may asian. Para silang United Nations. Hahaha! If you look closely, all of them are barefoot because I asked them to remove their shoes/slippers. 

I had a super funny moment while I was at the party. The party started around 2pm and I was there an hour before. The guests started to arrive around 1:30pm and they were a mix of Europeans, Asians, Spanish and Americans. There was this one kid who looked like he was of Spanish descent, about 5 or 6 years old ata sya. And very gwapo! At his age, he was wearing a cute longsleeves and khaki pants! Thinking that all of them are foreigners, I started talking in Tagalog para ndi nila ko maintindihan. So I said :

K: "Wow ang gwapo naman nyang bata na yan, pag laki nyan, hihintayen ko yan!"

And then the dad said, "Uy I heard that! Ikaw ha!". O-M-G. Gusto ko lamunin ng lupa right that very moment. The dad understood everything I said! Haha! Here's a photo of the cute kid --

Pogi diba? :) I told you! And then last Sunday, I hosted a wedding reception in the Butterfly Pavilion in Rizal Park. It was my first time to host a wedding and I wasn't really nervous or anything but everytime I'd tell people to "SIT BACK AND RELAX", what comes out instead is "SIT BAX AND RELACK". Bwahahahahaha! Epic fail! And I think I said that three times pa! Funnyyyyyyy! I think I need to practice my tongue. LOL!

"Sit Bax and Relack!"

And last but not the least, I hosted a party in Greenbelt two weeks ago and the client told me to come in a princess attire because it was a Princess-themed party. 


Fortunately, I didnt have any party booboos that day. Hehehe! Thank goodness!

So that's what I have been very busy with the past few weeks. Ikaw, what have you been up to? :)

The Unpure One,



Sean said...

what have i been up to? wala lang. i just sat bax and relackt. you're so funneeeehh!

-=K=- said...

Bwahahahaha! HMP! Yabang mo! :) Tao lang ako! Tao lang! Hehehe

Super Balentong said...

good job K! ang cute ng mga bata, iba ibang lahi.

kamusta na?

khantotantra said...

relack relack lang. heheheeh. Ang cool naman ng sidelines mo. :D at ang cucute ng mga chikitings

Nimmy said...

ikaw mag-host ng wedding namin ni leo ha. hihi

ang kulet ng pose mo dun sa princess party ate! :D

Andy said...

Naks! For sure nag-eenjoy ka sa raket mo. Good job! :-)

FerBert said...

Malapit na ang birthday ko. Pwede ba kitang kuning host... basta libre ah. LOLJK

cheese said...

pang international pala yung raket mo ate