Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sunday's Best

One of my best childhood memories is going to church every Sunday.  My mom would wake us up early so we can hear mass before lunch.  I am not a religious person but I've come to love our Sunday ritual because it involved sharing precious time with my siblings and my parents.  I can still remember those times after mass when I would pester my dad to buy me those colored chicks that were being sold outside the church, hahaha.  My usual Sunday requests were either that or one big balloon! Those were the highlight of my Sundays!  

When I got a little older, my requests have evolved from chicks to fishes! I would always ask my dad to buy those little colorful ones or those fishes that had big eyes.  I always look forward to Sundays because after hearing mass and fish-hunting, we'd always end it with a hearty lunch in the mall.  We'd share stories and laughter over food.  Ultimate bonding at its best!

When I was already in my teens and no longer cared for colorful chicks or big-eyed fishes, I still loved going to  church with them because I've developed a deeper appreciation of what the whole ritual is and everything that it represents. 

Many years later.. my siblings got married and had families of their own and me? .. well, I've started living a life of my own, too! Hehehe.  Since then, our Sunday rituals have become few and far between.  We still try our best to get in the swing of things but it's not the same as before.  We don't live under the same roof anymore so it's hard to get everyone together.  

 L O V E 

It's been awhile since we've all gotten together na walang absent. Hehe. (Ako usually ang absent.)  I still spend time with each one of them but I just miss those times when we'd bond together as a complete family.  I miss our Sunday rituals.  I miss them.  I miss being with them.

What were your days like when you were little?  Share! 

The Unpure One,


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Leo said...

Awwww. Homesick na si Khai. Ako when I was kid, we used to spend the weekend at the farm. As in bukid. It was so primitive yet it taught me things that makes me appreciate my life now. :)

(drama ko. haha)