Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ayan Kase

Our office sends out email alerts everytime there is a storm that's coming to the country.  I was well aware that a storm was coming yesterday so when I received a call from a client asking me to host a Luau Party, I begged off. Aside from that, I wasn't really feeling well. But they were very persistent so I ended up saying yes. Waaaaah!

I was at The Fort yesterday despite the storm.  It was a good thing that the party was held at the 28th floor so I had no reason to get paranoid about getting flooded.

Grass skirts and garlands were given at the entrance. And because it was a Luau party, it was mandatory that I teach the girls how to do the hula. (I sucked by the way, hahahaha!)

But I really did an awesome job in teaching them how to do the Hawaiian dance. 

And I taught them how to do arts and crafts as well. It was super fun!

When I got home, may lagnat na ko. Maybe because I was tired and I got rained on a little. Hayyyyyy!!!!

Next Up: Someone got me to organize a Bridal Shower. Kaaliw. Almost everything's set na except for the strippers! LOL. May kilala kayo? Hahahaha.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...

congrats sa matagumpay na luau partey.

hopefully gumaling na you mula sa sakits.


Don Dee said...

About the male stripper gig (male, right?), that still open? LOL! said...

Magkano? LOL!

glentot said...

Male stripper ba? Can I volunteer? I have experience LOL LOL

Heff said...

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