Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stormy Tuesday!

I left work early because the weather's really bad.  The rain was tolerable but the wind was ferocious! My lovable brother sent me the cutest SMS just when I was about to go home- "Sis, lakas ng hangin! Maglagay ka ng hollow blocks sa bulsa mo baka liparin ka sa payat mo! Text me when you're home na."

When I got home, the power was out! It was a good thing that I had my laptop fully charged and I have a few candles in stock.  So here I am on a stormy Tuesday, eating goto with egg while watching Horrible Bosses on my computer.  Hehe!

Keep safe and dry people!!!!!

The Unpure One,


1 comment:

Diamond R said...

hollow bloks talaga! hanep sa sense of humor pero sweet